The Center for Teaching and Learning is proud to announce our inaugural “class” of GTA Fellows. Twelve GTAs have been selected from a variety of disciplines across campus and represent some of the most experienced and talented graduate teaching assistants at Oregon State University. The GTA Fellows engaged in a series of trainings over the course of the summer in preparation for the New GTA Orientation that was held in September. The GTA Fellows and their respective colleges/departments are as follows:

1. Carole Abou-rached- Engineering/Biological & Ecological Engineering
2. Morgan Crowell – Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences/Water Resource
3. Jade Florence- Agricultural Science/Botany & Plant Pathology
4. Krissi Hewitt- Science/Science Education
5. Ian Pfingsten- Science/ Botany & Plant Pathology
6. Katie Moriarty- Agricultural Science/Fisheries and Wildlife
7. Maduka Ogba- Science/Chemistry
8. Tim Pusack- Science/Zoology
9. Sara Schmitt- PHHS/Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
10. Deidra Spencer- Science/Environmental Sciences
11. Brett Watson- Science/Environmental Sciences
12. Teresa Wolfe- Science/Science & Math Education

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