URM is seeking ideas and suggestions on a couple of initiatives:

First, we’re producing video feature content for the Pac-12 network with cooperation from Athletics. We need story ideas that connect OSU student athletes, research, programs or faculty directly to specific Pac-12 sports. For example, it could be a student on the Volleyball team doing interesting research, or a faculty member who mentors athletes or does research that directly affects a sport. Share any suggestions you have with in News and Research Communications and he’ll add ideas to our pitch list for the Pac-12 Network folks.

Next, we’re building a website dedicated to faculty and staff recruiting, and we’d love your thoughts on new or established faculty and staff who can talk with enthusiasm on camera about why they love living and working at OSU and in Corvallis. ┬áSend these suggestions to in the Web Communications office.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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