The Coalition of Graduate Employees union (CGE) has negotiated changes to their collective bargaining agreement for 2012-16.   It is expected that CGE members will vote to ratified the contract; however, the final vote will not take place until sometime in September 2012, which is after payroll runs.  The University has entered into an agreement with CGE to move forward with fee remission and minimum salary levels, as retroactive increases are very difficult to administer.

OSU will remit a flat amount of $430 towards student fees.  This is in addition to their tuition remission.    This extra $430 will be charged to the dept. as part of the IGF Grad Fee Remission deduction.   If this is the first term for the grad student, in addition to the $430, OSU will remit their matriculation fee of $300and in addition for a Non Resident Alien,  they would also qualify for the International Orientation fee of $50.

Because not every graduate employee qualifies for these latter two fee remittances,  they will run on a new, separate deduction code, IGM, Grad Matric/NRA Fee Remissions.   This remittance will occur towards the end of the term but as it is brand new with Fall term,  we are still working on the timing.

To offset the cost of the tuition remission, CGE agreed to rescind the quarterly payment of $300 for eligible graduate appointments during the academic year  The earn code GDR  is ended effective immediately.   Thus you will see perhaps a reduction in payroll charged but an increase in OPE.  Please share with your finance staff as well.



Steve Nash | Payroll Manager | Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR 97339-1086 | Phone: 541-737-9491 | Fax: 541-737-9490

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