College of Science Faculty and Staff:

I am pleased to inform you that I have appointed Dr Vincent Remcho, Professor and Associate Dean, as Interim Dean of the College of Science, effective Monday, March 5. It is anticipated that Vince’s appointment will last for several months or more, while the University searches for a permanent Dean.

In addition to leading the College of Science, Vince will also work with the Deans of the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Education to advance targeted areas within the Division of Arts and Sciences.

Dr Larry Rodgers, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, will chair the search committee for Dean of the College of Science. The search process will commence soon, and my office will provide updates along the way.

Please join me in congratulating Vince on his new role, and again acknowledging Sherm Bloomer for his many years of excellence in leadership as Dean of the College of Science. I have attached our press release regarding Vince’s appointment.


Sabah Randhawa

Provost and Executive Vice President

Remcho Press Release


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