Funding Opportunity

Sponsor:         Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Global Health: Development of a Rapid Immunity Assessment Tool

Amount:         Based on project scope and timing

Deadline:        Letters of Inquiry must be submitted by March 27, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Pacific Standard Time

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is currently seeking letters of inquiry for the new grant program for Global Health: Development of a Rapid Immunity Assessment Tool.


The purpose of this request for Letters of Inquiry is to solicit inquiries toward the development of a prototype and the detailing of a commercialization plan for a tool that rapidly assesses the immune status of children against selected vaccine- preventable diseases (e.g. tetanus, measles, etc.). The ideal tool would be low cost, easy to use in the field, and on a large scale, by those working in national immunization programs. This tool would be used as an adjunct to current vaccination coverage surveys – to help more accurately determine/validate coverage levels and assess population-level immunity. Letters of inquiry should address how the potential recipient would develop a prototype tool and create a plan for commercialization.


The Gates Foundation expects to invest up to $6 million toward this project over a three year period. It is likely that the total amount awarded will be split between a number of grant recipients, with varying award amounts based on project scopes and timing. Ideally, prototype development will be complete by the end of 2013. The commercialization plan should detail how the product could be produced at scale by 2015.

Execution of Agreement and Related Issues

Funding Modes: Generally, the Gates Foundation funds projects such as this one through grants. In some circumstances, the Foundation may determine that an alternative funding mechanism such as Program Related Investment (PRI) is appropriate.  The funding mode and terms will be determined by the Foundation taking into account various factors.

Data Sharing: Depending on the final funding agreements, Gates may require confidential access to details of technologies employed as well as production costs, at the time of funding and/or at a future date as a condition of funding.

To view the complete request for LOIs visit:

Letters of Inquiry must be submitted electronically, using the forms and process described at:

If you anticipate difficulty in meeting this deadline, or if you have questions about how to apply, you can contact the Gates Foundation at:

For related questions, contact Martha Coleman, Director of Foundation Relations at OSU Foundation at 541-737-6961 or


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