Guest Blogger: Lindsay Wills

OSU-ChUME hosted an event titled “Linus Pauling and the Responsibility of the Scientist” on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 6pm. This event featured Linda Richards, who spoke about Linus Pauling and his legacy within the peace movement and nuclear proliferation. The goal of this event was to learn about Linus Pauling and to open discussions amongst undergraduate and graduate students about Linus Pauling and how his life can be used to understand our role as scientists in society today.

This event was a great success. Linda gave an exceptional presentation and was very knowledgeable about nuclear proliferation and Linus Pauling’s involvement in the peace movements of the 1960’s. The audience was also exceptional, asking a wide variety of questions about the scientific and societal aspects of the talk.  The questions ranged from understanding how the effects of nuclear testing should be measured to what modern social movement is most analogous to the peace movement.

If you missed this event, there will be more events like this coming up later in the term! Next Tuesday, February 4, we will be hosting a watch party for Bill Nye’s debate with creationist Ken Ham (Location: TBA). Come join us for pizza and enthusiastic conversations about science!