You must be enrolled in a university program working towards a PhD degree.

***Internships can vary in time and depend on the availability of the student***

The post-doctoral R&D chemist position is in HP’s imaging and printing business in our Corvallis, Oregon facility.  The work will be focused on development of new ink formulations through a combination of empirical design and modeling methods.

Our group is responsible for the design and formulation of inkjet printing inks including the characterization of the print attributes and robustness.  The project will focus on developing components that expand various ink attributes such as optical density and durability on different media.  The project will also involve optimizing the new inks for drop formation and the printing process.  Part of the role is to collaborate with the printer component designers to implement system level changes to balance tradeoffs in the various components.

Aspects of the role include:

  • Component development
  • Formulation design (includes design for performance, manufacturing and chemical regulatory guidelines)
  • Print system characterization
  • Cross-functional/pan global team participation and leadership
  • External supplier material co-development and manufacturing

Our group is part of a chemistry center of excellence that develops inks for the different print businesses. While we work across several sites, this project will partner primarily with colleagues in our Corvallis, Oregon location.  The Corvallis site includes a combination of F&D and manufacturing facilities with work ranging from MEMS fabs to large industrial printing presses.


  • A recent (<1 year) Ph. D. in chemistry, chemical engineering, or related field
  • Understanding of fundamental chemical mechanisms.  Key areas include
    • Pigment and dye chemistry
    • Polymers in solution
    • Organic and inorganic nanoparticle suspensions
    • Interfacial and surface chemistry
    • Proficiency in appropriate analytical instruments and the data interpretation
  • Wet chemistry experience
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Ability to creatively solve problems in a fast-paced product development environment
  • Ability to work and effectively interact (remotely, as needed) with team members from other disciplines, projects, organizations, cultures, and companies
  • Demonstrated leadership, teamwork/interpersonal, communication and technical skills
  • Resourceful, creative, and flexible
  • Fluency in English

Desired qualifications

  • Programming skills
  • Familiarity with printing technology and color science
  • Formulation experience is a plus
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