Spring is in the air, which makes it a great time to do some spring cleaning.  Please encourage your departments to dispose of any unused, broken or obsolete equipment (assets and minor equipment) through Surplus.

For reference, attached are the instructions for filling out the Surplus pick-up request form.  Here are a few reminders for faculty and staff:

  • Do not throw equipment away in dumpsters or trash cans
  • Do not give away equipment to students or anyone outside of OSU
  • Make sure asset tags are attached to capital equipment before sending to Surplus
  • Contact Surplus for approval for trade-ins or donations/transfers to outside agencies

Please encourage faculty and staff to contact you when they start working on equipment removal so you are aware of what is going on and can alert Fixed Assets.

Also follow up with anyone that is retiring or leaving OSU so we can keep track of their assets and make sure they are transferred, reassigned or disposed of correctly.

Thank you for your continued support of equipment management!

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