Lindsay Unitan - Undergraduate of the Quarter Profile Photo, Spring 2019.

Linus Yunitan has been named one the Undergraduates of the Quarter for Spring 2019.

From Portland, Oregon and an alumna of Lincoln High School, Linus had taken IB examinations that gave him the option to either take honors general chemistry or go straight into organic chemistry his first term at Oregon State. Although he decided to pursue the organic chemistry course, he became interested in Dr. Remcho’s work after reading through various group papers. After going to his office hours and expressing his interest, Dr. Remcho invited him to come observe a group meeting. Linus is now working with Dr. Remcho to develop microfluidic devices for medical diagnostics.

Linus explained he loves chemistry because to him, chemistry felt like the “Goldilocks of the sciences.” He described how chemistry had the best of both worlds, with the rich physical application of biology and logical mathematical structure of physics.

In addition to classes and his work in research, Linus worked as a peer advisor for the College of Science over the summer and is a member of the unicycle club. He also was a member of his high school marching band but after graduation, was not certain continuing would be an option in college. While touring Oregon State and first seeing Reser Stadium, he could not resist joining the band. For Linus, marching band became a major factor in his decision to attend Oregon State. Since then, he has earned a role as the drum major.

We are delighted to name Linus an Undergraduate of the Quarter for Spring 2019. After graduation, Linus hopes to attend medical school and work as a physician in Oregon. We wish him the best in his future endeavors and are excited to see what he accomplishes.

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