Do you eat? Do food and beverages interest you? Do you want to know more about food science research? If so, the Department of Food Science and Technology has an event for you!


FST graduate students are organizing an event to showcase the cutting edge research being conducted in the Department. Save the date forMay 30th, 2019 from 3:30PM to 8:00PM in the Memorial Union Ballroom on OSU campus for “ A Taste of Research 2019: The Sensible Science.” For entertainment and edification there will be presentations, posters, trivia, and more! Food and drinks will be provided and there will be examples of products from the OSU Dairy, Winery, and Brewery!


So please, we invite you to pull a chair up to our table and join us for an evening of sensible science.

For further details, please visit our website at and feel free to contact us

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