Paul Harmon

Vice President of Nanotechnology R&D

Voxtel, Inc (ATAMI Building, HP Campus)

1110 Northeast Circle Boulevard,

Corvallis, OR 97330

  1. 541-713-1324
  2. 541-760-1133


Scientist Intern

Job Description

March 1, 2019

Voxtel is seeking a Scientist Intern to assist our Senior Scientists in research developing new nanotechnology applications. The work involves basic research in new applications of physics, inorganic, and organic chemistry as well as straightforward physical and mental tasks in support of that research. Prefer grad students in Physics, Engineering, or Chemistry.

Voxtel Values

  • Superior performance and superior quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comprehensive solutions with vertical integration of system engineering, integrated circuit, device engineering, and detector fabrication
  • Exceptional employees
  • Flexible, fabless foundry model to reduce overhead
  • Aggressive entrepreneurship, disciplined risk taking, enables by clear strategies
  • Brilliant innovation, driven by long-term vision
  • Speed and decisiveness, built on precision thinking, planning and communication
  • Accountability for our results
  • Organizational environment consistent with teamwork, transparency, integrity and respect.


JOB TITLE:                   Scientist Intern

DEPARTMENT:            VoxtelNano

REPORTS TO:              Senior Scientist and Technology Lead, Dr. Nguyen

STATUS:                      Hourly, Full-Time, Temporary

WORKS WITH:            All scientists and departments as necessary.

COMMUNICATIONS: Writes research experimental results, ordering data and graphics per instruction from scientists and management. Exhibits mature behavior in dealing with ambiguous situations.


Assist the VoxtelNano scientists with the creation and execution of experiments in support of the commercialization of technology in our portfolio (nanotaggants, 3D printed gradient refractive index optical structures, DNA nanoparticle nano to macro assembly, thermo-electric devices, and photonic detectors). The key objective of each scientist is developing new technology within designated research programs that advances Voxtel’s technical and scientific depth and breadth.

  • Internship Time Frame: June 12th 2018 through Sep 30 2018
  • Ngoc Nguyen and Brad Hermens (Voxtel Writing Systems Engineer) will mentor intern
  • Create written reports, relating the experimental hypotheses to the experimental method employed and data gathered.
  • Demonstrate high integrity in gathering and disseminating information to the team.
  • Act as an informed team member, providing analysis and project direction input.
  • Follow established guidelines, including safety and cleanliness standards.
  • Work smoothly and respectfully with other team members.

In order to help Voxtel succeed with DARPA Atoms2Products (A2P) Research, and 3D optics printing research, Intern will work with Voxtel, Inc in the Corvallis ATAMI facility lab.

  • Technical work may include
    1. Electro-Mechanical engineering
      1. 3D polymer printing experience
      2. Basic python programming skills
  • Fluid mechanics
  1. Mechanics of materials
  2. Heat transfer
  3. Chemistry
  1. Ability to express ideas clearly in presentation and in written reports
  2. Ability to work well in teams
  • Activities required;
    1. Intern will work with Dr. Charles Dupuy, Sam Grimm, and Brad Hermens to develop printing processes for nanoparticle loaded polymer nanocomposites
    2. Intern will post process optical and magneto-dielectric printed samples (laser cutting, polishing, packaging, labeling).
    3. Other tasks as assigned by the group manager, Paul Harmon
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