I would like to invite you to share this opportunity with any advisees who might be interested. In this program we match INTO OSU students with native English speakers.  Each group will meet once a week for about an hour on their own schedule throughout the term.  This will allow participants to share experiences on campus or around Corvallis while learning about each other’s culture and background.  The hope is that the partners will get a chance to navigate cultural difference and learn someone else’s story while becoming more familiar with their community.  Sign up closes at the end of the first week of every term.

If individuals are interested they can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1b_pVWSnVKzNznrWaUWl5KuiH8aD6IZEKk6SFLOV2omU/viewform
You can learn more about the program here: http://international.oregonstate.edu/osu-cultural-ambassador-conversant-program

Thank you for your time!

Casey Glick
Student Engagement Coordinator

The OSU Association of Office Professionals was formed to foster awareness, excellence, and professionalism in the ranks of office personnel. This award recognizes contributions toward these goals by individual members through creative approaches and consistently high performance as a professional in ways that benefit Oregon State. Nominees must be active AOP members and have participated in AOP-related activities within the last two years. To nominate an AOP member, submit your completed packet by April 22 to Laurie Wyant, Laurie.Wyant@oregonstate.edu. The complete packet shall include a nomination form and two letters of support. One of the two letters should be from a co-worker or supervisor.

The students have spoken – our new semester sequence bridge courses are a success! As of the current Winter 2016 term, we have begun offering CH 124 and CH 125: half-term courses that supplement our regular term in order for a distance student to meet a full semester at his or her home university. Here is the feedback we’ve received so far from students in these courses:


Christine Stockunas…. “I was a dually enrolled student last year when I took CH121 through OSU Ecampus.  Seeing how successful I was, thanks in part to the instruction and support I experienced with OSU chemistry department, I decided to pursue a science-based degree.  Due to some course inequivalencies from another school, as well as beginning my chemistry studies with CH 121, I was unable to transfer directly into the 200-level chemistry sequence this year.   If it were not for CH 124 being offered I would have to take the entire first term of chemistry over again! Offering CH 124 is saving me time, stress, and money.”


Andrew Wimer… “I had 1 semester of chemistry at Willamette University about 12 years ago and am looking to make a career change. The program I’m applying to requires a full year of chemistry. I was thrilled to find [CH 125] because the University to which I am applying was willing to accept this bridge course and that has allowed me to have the option of not taking 2 terms of chemistry. Having it online is an additional benefit, as I work M-F 7-5 and am unable to attend almost every other alternative to this course. Overall, I don’t think there could’ve been a better fit for my situation than what is offered here in this course.”


Jaime Geib…. “[CH 124] was very convenient to meet my needs of fulfilling credit requirements for another University. However…the four week period is a stressful timeline to complete all of the work required by a 3-credit course. I would not recommend it to people working full time. This is what I am doing right now and it is not easily manageable. However, this course probably meets the needs of an undergraduate student much differently, especially if that student is on break.”


The Oregon State University Association of Office Professionals wants to recognize creative approaches and consistently superior performance as a supervisor. A nominee must be actively employed in a supervisory capacity at any level. Nominees must be an OSU employee. To nominate a supervisor for this award, submit nominations by April 22 to Laurie Wyant, Laurie.Wyant@oregonstate.edu. Nomination packets must include a nomination form, and two letters of support, no longer than 2 pages in length. At least one should be from office support personnel.

We are currently soliciting applications from faculty and professional staff to serve as instructors in 1 of 30 anticipated U-Engage first year student transition courses next fall term.  U-Engage instructors design their classes around a real-world problem or compelling question in an area of expertise, research or passion. The U-Engage shared learning outcomes and assignments are used across all course sections and will help guide your course design.

More information about U-Engage including the shared learning outcomes, responsibilities of instructors, support provided, upcoming information sessions, and a link to the application are available at: http://oregonstate.edu/newstudents/u-engage-course-applications. The deadline for submission is Monday, March 28th at 8PM.

In reviewing proposals, preference will be given to instructors who introduce real-world problems or questions that will be compelling to a first-year student audience and who have the academic and/or personal background to help students investigate the problem or question through an academic lens. Preference is also given to those with prior experience teaching and/or working closely with first-year students.

The U-Engage program provides $2000 in professional development funds for teaching one section of U-Engage (co-instructors split the stipend 50/50). It is the responsibility of instructors to check with their own departments about policies and/or practices related to the use of professional development funds prior to committing to teach a U-Engage section.

I hope you will give serious consideration to this opportunity to help a group of next year’s first year students acquire the critical skills and qualities to thrive in their studies and lives at OSU. Our data show that these courses not only help advance student success, but also help us to significantly decrease achievement gaps and increase retention.

Please gain the approval of your unit head prior to submitting an application. Do not hesitate to contact Emma Larkins, the First-Year Experience Coordinator in New Student Programs and Family Outreach (Emma.Larkins@oregonstate.edu) to discuss details or questions regarding U-Engage.

Best regards,

The University of Oregon Master’s Industrial Internship Program is still accepting applications in the PV/Semiconductor track beginning this summer!  If you’re interested, check out the website at
What it is:
A master’s program that combines concentrated lab and lecture with a nine-month paid internship in industry. Degrees are awarded in chemistry and applied physics.
Why it’s special:
You can earn a master’s degree and a paycheck.
Historically, close to 98% of our students successfully complete internships and almost 90% of those receive regular job offers at the end of their internships. Internship pay in recent years has ranged from $3000 to $5400 per month.  This program allows you to graduate with experience in your chosen field.
Areas of concentration:
Photovoltaic & Semiconductor Device Processing (still accepting applications)
Optical Materials & Devices (still accepting applications)
Polymers & Coatings (contact me if interested)


There is a cabinet that can be connected to a fume hood designed holding cylinders of hazardous gases in Gilbert 020. We are working to clear out that room and would like to see if anybody wants to claim it. Otherwise we will just get surplus to pick it up. It looks to be in good condition so if anyone has use for it it could be a nice pickup. It does seem to be locked at the moment so either the key needs to be located or the campus key services would need to come out to unlock it.  A dolly would be useful if anyone wants to move it.

Gas Cylinder Cabinet.jpg

Hello everyone!

Please forgive this blast e-mail – yet we wanted to share about this second in the series on Women in Innovation being held at ACS national meetings! We have an amazing line up of very accomplished speakers – in a unique format that allows for open Q&A and “office hours” with the experts!

Please join us for the Women in Innovation: Science & Technology Symposium
WHEN: Monday, March 14, 2016, ACS Spring National Meeting in San Diego 9:30AM-NOON WHERE: Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina – Marina Salon E (Next to Convention Center)

We are reaching out to you as leaders who have enormous networks – many of whom may be coming to ACS in San Diego! Thank you, in advance, for sharing the information, and we hope to see you in San Diego!!!

Thank you,
Judy Giordan
This interactive symposium, and 2nd in the planned series, will focus on translating research to innovation to commercial offering from the perspective of the scientist and linking it with career progression from researcher to innovator to developing market- ready science.
Women who have successfully commercialized their research will share key factors for success during an interactive panel, followed by a moderated Q&A where members can get questions answered. “Office Hours” with our speakers immediately following the moderated Q&A will give attendees a chance to meet the panelists and connect. Results of our discussions will be summarized and made available post meeting.
The symposium invites all to explore with us:
• WHAT does it take to be an INNOVATING WOMAN in academe, industry or government labs and be able to translate that research into a market-needed innovation?
• WHAT are the biggest challenges faced by researchers to be successful in developing science that meets market requirements and could be commercialized?
• HOW have successful women researchers built support structures and connections throughout their careers?
• ….and most importantly HOW can YOU use this information to create your own RESEARCH to COMMERICALIZATION PATHWAY TO SUCCESS?

• Leah Frye – Vice President, Drug Discovery Group, Schrödinger
• Sharon Feng – Sr. Associate Dean, Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago
• Gwen Gross – Chief Chemist, Structural Composites, Boeing Research & Technology
• Erin Baker – Senior Research Scientist IV, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

• Judy Giordan – VP/Managing Director, ecosVC and Co-Founder, the Chemical Angel Network
• Janet Bryant – Senior S&T Specialist V, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory