Position Summary:

The Analytical Chemist works as a member of a team at NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC to carry out processes such as Quality Control tests, analytical method development to analyze plating solutions, sample preparation, etc within the analytical function.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Work in a safe and responsible manner, abiding by the COSHH regulations and maintaining a high level of tidiness.
  2. To carry out and ensure that the following processes are maintained:
    1. Perform analysis of plating solutions using UV-VIS, IC/HPLC, CVS, FT-IR and other analytical methods
    2. Maintain and perform the regular maintenance UV-VIS, IC/HPLC, CVS, FT-IR and other analytical tools
    3. Prepare calibration solutions, reagents and other solutions for chemical analysis.
    4. Maintain stocks of chemicals ensuring they are stored under appropriate conditions.
    5. Maintain accurate records of chemicals that have been used and bulk stock remaining etc.
    6. Maintain stocks of vials, burettes, pipettes and other consumables for chemical analysis.
    7. Acquire Quality Control and other solution data as required.
  3. To be familiar with all required QC and analytical techniques through on the job training and external courses where appropriate.
  4. To carry out QC tests within the analytical function. Techniques to include, but not exhaustive: IC/HPLC, FT-IR, UV-Vis, CVS, solubility, surface tension, foaming.
  5. To maintain stocks of solvents, chemicals and consumables within the Analytical Chemistry laboratory.
  6. To perform sample preparation, preparation of laboratory reagents / solutions etc. as and when required.
  7. Work to maximize productivity and meet targets and deadlines.
  8. Maintain a high standard of laboratory work with regard to both practical output and documentation.
  9. All other duties as required.


Specific Competencies:

  1. Hands on experience with UV-VIS, IC/HPLC, CVS, FT-IR etc.
  2. Hands on experience with chemicals handling, storage, solution preparation etc.
  3. Good team working and communication skills.
  4. Ability to manage time to maximize productivity.
  5. Ability to quickly and accurately conduct required Quality Control tests.
  6. Safe and responsible working manner in laboratory areas.
  7. Attention to detail and accuracy of recording information.
  8. Awareness of commercial importance of products and ability to plan and prioritize work accordingly.


BS or MS in chemistry or chemical engineering with minimum 2 years hands on experience in chemical analytical lab.

Work Location:

MBI/ONAMI in Corvallis, Oregon.

Contact information: dubin@nano3dsystems.com

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