Name:  Michael W. Burand

Area of Study / Position Title: General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator

Why chemistry?  (What about it initially interested you?): I liked science when I was young since it was a way to understand how the world works. I had an excellent chemistry teacher in high school and was very fortunate to receive a scholarship to study chemistry in college.

Research focus (in non-science terms) or basic job duties? I’m the instructor for general chemistry laboratory sections taught in LPSC. I develop course materials and manage the TAs who teach the laboratories. Occasionally I teach general chemistry lecture sections as well.

One thing you truly love about your job?  It’s great to be able to work with colleagues and TAs to come up with new laboratory teaching pedagogies, and I love it when it’s clear something we’ve created is helping students gain a better understanding.

One interesting/strange factoid about yourself.  I received my pilot’s license while in high school.

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