University Marketing is beginning to plan for the next round of campus banners, and for this year, we’re going to feature people individually. The theme is how Beaver Nation extends across Oregon and beyond, so we’re looking for students, faculty, staff and alumni who have some connection to one of the six regions of the state, plus a beyond category:

  1. Coast
  2. Southern
  3. Eastern
  4. Central
  5. Willamette Valley
  6. Portland Metro
  7. Beyond — International/Out of State

We plan to feature four people per category, but you’re welcome to nominate as many as you’d like. They can either live and work in one of the regions or be from there if they’re students. We’d also consider people who may be based in Corvallis, but whose research or other work has an impact in one of the regions. Finally, if you have some stellar people who may not easily fit in one of the categories, we’re happy to consider them, too.

We’d like to get a list of nominees by Friday, May 9 so we can start scheduling photo shoots before people leave for the summer. Please include a little information about your nominees, which will help us make our selections.

Please send nominations to Dr. Rich Carter by May 7th.

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