Who is your PI? – Mas Subramanian

Do you have a Graduate Student/Post-Doc Mentor? – Sean Muir

How did you learn about the position? – After class my chemistry instructor introduced me to a graduate student within the Chemistry department who was researching different kinds of synthesis methods for making superconductors. Since then I have been working with the same person I was introduced to three years ago in Dr. Subramanian’s lab.

Why did you get into Undergraduate Research? – The first time I ever saw magnetic levitation was freshmen year in my general chemistry class – I had to understand how this was possible.  After my chemistry instructor explained to me how this relied on superconductor materials, and that stable levitation was possible due to ‘quantum locking’, I knew I wanted to research these further.

What advice might you have for other Undergraduate students thinking of pursuing research or just getting started? – Expect to be overwhelmed in the beginning of any research experience. I learned more about chemistry in one month of research then I did in one year of taking a class.

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