CH 584 (3 credits)

Using Instruments and Online Interactions for Instructional Laboratory Experiments in the Sciences

Summer Session 2, June 23-July 18th, 2014



Dr. Michael M. Lerner and

Dr. Richard L. Nafshun

Department of Chemistry, College of Science, OSU



Dr. Matt Nyman

Science/Math Education Program, College of Education, OSU



Who should take this course?

  • Graduate students in STEM fields
  • Current elementary/middle school/high school teachers wanting to add to their technical skills concerning labs and/or needing continuing education credits
  • Current community college and university level instructors
  • Free choice learning instructors

Students will learn about the availability and implementation of lab packs, virtual instruments and “kitchen science” online activities for use in their instructional setting.  Through hands-on exposure to the various methods of lab delivery, students will evaluate efficacy for their own teaching and learning practice. Working collaboratively with others, students will design lessons and units of instruction appropriate to their grade level of interest. These lessons will integrate learning with virtual instruments and online interactions to help learners grasp, visualize, and explain important science and math concepts and practices.

Student activities will be linked to state and national standards appropriate for their educational setting (e.g., for K-12 teachers Math Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and the National Educational Technology Standards).


For further information, please contact one of the instructors or:

Kim Thackray

OSU Chemistry online coordinator

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