The Air Force Technical Applications Center is standing up a new laboratory and looking to fill numerous positions.

-The jobs can be found on using the codes listed below.

-The salary ranges do not include a locality adjustment.

-Note that all positions require a US Citizenship and the ability to obtain a Top Secret security clearance.

-Please encourage your students to apply for these jobs, particularly undergraduates finishing up this Spring.

-The job postings are incredibly vague, so below is some more information on what we are looking for on each job.

-Lastly, I expect a Chemical Safety Officer/Radiation Safety Officer job will be posted sometime in the future as well.

Feel free to contact me if any questions arise regarding the Air Force civil service, Florida, the laboratory, etc.


All the Best,

Brent Matteson, 2010


Brent Matteson, PhD

Chief, Laboratory Operations Branch

Air Force Technical Applications Center

Patrick AFB, FL

Comm: 321-494-6312

DSN: 854-6312


*  8X-DCIPS-1032156-028735-JP

Interdisciplinary nuclear engineer/ physics/chemistry – This position is for a senior level mass spec scientist.  (The ad also mentions counting experience, but is really for mass spectrometry.)  We really need a good person here.  They should have both analytical chemistry and mass spec experience.  This is a MS/PhD level position.  They will be supervising several chemists and instrument techs, run two large clean-room suites, and some really cool MS instruments to work with.  We particularly would like chemists with mass spectrometry experience.


The other 6 jobs are all classified as physical sciences technicians.  There are two levels of scientists being advertised – GG-09 and GG-11.  The big difference is just in responsibility and ability to solve problems.  None of these are supervisory positions.  A BS or MS is preferred for each position.

*  8X-DCIPS-1031366-029326-JP

*  8X-DCIPS-1031780-033980-SDL

These two positions are sample processing technicians in the radiochemistry section.  We are looking for folks with good analytical skills and any bit of radchem experience.  They will work on elemental purifications.  A third job in this group should come out in the next few days.

*  8X-DCIPS-1032943-033867-SDL

This is a chemistry position working in the mass spec section. This is all very low level work mostly in the clean room environment. Strong analytical skills are desired. Another, tech position in this group will come out in the future.

*  8X-DCIPS-1027157-034011-SDL

*  8X-DCIPS-1030266-029844-JP

These two positions will part of one of the largest count rooms in the world.  These positions will specialize in alpha, beta, or gamma counting chemically separated samples and keeping the instruments up and running. Another job in this group should come out in the next few days.

*  8X-DCIPS-1032208-033965-SDL

This position is for a sample reporting/logging technician.  They will help coordinate the submission of gamma screening and count room data.


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