Nomination Deadline:  February 6, 2012

The Graduate School invites nominations for the Bayley Graduate Fellowship which will be awarded to a graduate student who will be enrolled in an advanced degree program at Oregon State University during the 2012-13 academic year.

The Bayley Fellowship will provide an annual stipend of approximately $4,000. Awards for less than an academic year will be pro-rated. The final award level will be dependent upon actual endowment earnings. The fellowship will be awarded on the basis of academic performance and promise for the future.   This award may be given in addition to a graduate teaching or research assistantship. Domestic and international students are eligible for nomination.

Nominations may be submitted by the student’s graduate program director or department chair/head, or by the dean of the program in which the student is enrolled. Students may not apply directly for this award.

Nomination Procedures:

Departments and programs may submit only one nomination and must provide complete nomination packets containing all materials listed below (including transcripts). Incomplete nominations will not be reviewed.

Please submit 4 copies of the following materials:

• A nominating letter from the department chair or head, graduate program director, or dean of the program in which the student is enrolled;

• Two additional letters of recommendation;

• Statement of the student’s academic goals;

• Résumé or curriculum vita; and

• Transcripts of all post-high school academic work, including current OSU graduate transcript if applicable. (Note: transcripts must be provided by the nominating department or graduate program.) Nomination Deadline:

Nominations must be received in the Graduate School by February 6, 2012. Recipients will be announced March 6, 2012.

Nomination Evaluation:

Evaluation of nominations will be based upon academic merit as demonstrated by:

• academic & professional strengths articulated in letters of nomination and recommendation

• clarity of direction articulated in student’s statement of interest

• GPA in current grad program

• timely progress toward degree completion

• demonstrated leadership

• grants awarded

• publication record (first, second author, etc.)

• presentations

• professional organization involvement


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