Lindsay Unitan - Undergraduate of the Quarter Profile Photo, Spring 2019.

Lindsay Yunitan has been named one the Undergraduates of the Quarter for Spring 2019.

From Portland, Oregon and an alumna of Lincoln High School, Lindsay had taken IB examinations that gave her the option to either take honors general chemistry or go straight into organic chemistry her first term at Oregon State. Although she decided to pursue the organic chemistry course, she became interested in Dr. Remcho’s work after reading through various group papers. After going to his office hours and expressing her interest, Dr. Remcho invited her to come observe a group meeting. Lindsay is now working with Dr. Remcho to develop microfluidic devices for medical diagnostics.

Lindsay explained she loves chemistry because to her, chemistry felt like the “Goldilocks of the sciences.” She described how chemistry had the best of both worlds, with the rich physical application of biology and logical mathematical structure of physics.

In addition to classes and her work in research, Lindsay worked as a peer advisor for the College of Science over the summer and is a member of the unicycle club. She also was a member of her high school marching band but after graduation, was not certain continuing would be an option in college. While touring Oregon State and first seeing Reser Stadium, she could not resist joining the band. For Lindsay, marching band became a major factor in her decision to attend Oregon State. Since then, she has earned a role as the drum major.

We are delighted to name Lindsay an Undergraduate of the Quarter for Spring 2019. After graduation, Lindsay hopes to attend medical school and work as a physician in Oregon. We wish her the best in her future endeavors and are excited to see what she accomplishes.

Tanner Aldous - Undergraduate of the Quarter (Fall 2018) Profile Photo

Tanner Aldous has been named one of the Fall 2018 Undergraduates of the Quarter, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Tanner grew up in Drain, Oregon, where his North Douglas High School graduating class was no larger than twenty students. Relative to Drain, Corvallis was a big move for Tanner. He was happy that Oregon State University was in a bigger town, but still felt small like his home town.

Tanner wanted to pursue chemistry because of the great influence from his high school chemistry teacher, and because he knew he wanted to stay in Oregon for college, OSU was the school of choice. Oregon State University seemed to choose Tanner, rather than the other way around. The campus in the fall with the leaves changing colors, was something that the other Oregon institutions couldn’t compare to.

An interest in the medical field combined with a passion for chemistry made it so Tanner’s major choice was pretty simple: Chemistry with a Premed option. Once graduated, Tanner plans to go to medical school.

Currently, Tanner is working in Dr. Burrow’s lab. He got started in this lab by asking professors if they had any openings in their lab, because he wanted to see if research was something he would be interested in. Now, Tanner is working with nanoparticles, specifically nanostars. He aids a graduate student, Lixia, by making nanostars from nanoseeds. He also performs data collection and analysis for this project.

Outside of school, Tanner likes to hang out with friends, and get to know new people, especially if they are also chemistry students. He finds collaboration on school work to help transition into friendships. He is also a part of the professional chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma. The fraternity is fairly small right now, but Tanner hopes to see it grow by the end of his time at Oregon State.

The OSU Advantage Accelerator is seeking proposals to facilitate the further development and commercialization of OSU applied innovations. Proposals can be submitted for projects focused on bringing OSU-owned innovations invented by OSU faculty, staff and/or graduate students in any discipline closer to market. Each project may be awarded up to $15,000 and should span six months or less, beginning in April 2020. Funding can be used to fund students, prototyping expenses, travel and more. Proposals are due no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28. Read the full RFP here:

Discovering the Scientist Within is a program designed to nurture 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls’ interest in the STEM fields and consists of activities paired with adult women scientist role models. The event will be on campus, Saturday, March 7, from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Pre-registration is required. Registration opens Feb. 1, and closes March 1. Contact Emily Nicholson in Precollege Programs at 737-9424 with questions.

The Openly Published Environmental Sensing (OPEnS) Lab ( invites everyone to the third annual OPEnS House on February 6, 2020 from 3-5:30 pm in Gilmore Annex room 200. Please come learn about the OPEnS Lab equipment, capabilities, and current projects. There will be a 10 minute presentation at 3:45 pm. Refreshments will be provided.

The Open-Sensing Lab is focused on developing environmental sensing projects and research. From soldering stations to 3D printers to laser cutters, our lab provides the tools necessary for students, professors, and researchers alike to develop tools used locally and worldwide by the ecological science and engineering community. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Examples of projects being developed in the OPEnS Lab that will be demonstrated at the OPEnS House:

–  eDNA: An affordable, open-sourced, remotely deployable, fully automated, and customizable system for extraction of DNA traces from water bodies.

– Slide Sentinel: a network of nodes recording precise acceleration and relative positioning data from accelerometers and RTK GPS receivers to detect subtle changes in sensor position due to land movement within 2cm target precision.

– Smart Rock: a submersible sensor suite that monitors water depth, temperature, turbidity, pH, and salinity (EC) of a small stream over time and designed to be built by anyone with or without extensive experience in electronics.


Dr. Chet Udell

Assistant Professor; OPEnS Lab Director

Cara Walter

Senior Faculty Research Assistant I; CTEMPs and OPEnS Lab Logistics

Dr. John Selker

Distinguished Professor; CTEMPs co-Director, TAHMO co-Director, OPEnS Lab PI

We are happy to announce that the College of Science Equity Promise Scholarships (formerly known as Emergency Funds) are now available online for OSU academic advisors, faculty, staff, and students to nominate COS students in need. To nominate a student, please visit our COS Equity Promise Scholarship website.

This fund was created for students who may have experienced sudden, extreme circumstances or life events that may hold up a student’s progress to continue or complete their degree at OSU. Funds are limited, so we encourage faculty and staff to nominate students in extreme hardship, but recommend that you submit a recommendation if you are unsure whether a student constitutes “extreme hardship”.

If you have questions, or need more information please don’t hesitate to contact Heather Arbuckle or email

Award is given in honor of Clara Simerville, professor emeritus of International Education and Foreign Student Counselor from 1955-1970 and will be presented at the Student Awards Recognition Dinner. The recipient must be a full‐time, degree-seeking, OSU undergraduate or graduate student (U.S. or international) who has voluntarily contributed to cross‐cultural understanding either through personal relationships, research and scholarship, or involvement in campus or community organizations. Deadline: Feb. 15. Nomination form: For more information, please email

Do you know any student(s) who is looking to develop their leadership skills and capacity for creating change? Please nominate students to participate in the Catalyst Leadership Retreat on Saturday, Feb. 8 in the MU Horizon Room, through the Catalyst Nomination Form. Catalyst is a free, one-day immersive leadership experience for students interested in starting something extraordinary. Registration is now open and closes Jan. 31. For more info email