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April 14, 2017

Emergency Preparedness App

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OSU Community,
OSU Emergency Preparedness provides a free app that contains emergency response plans and important campus emergency numbers.

Download the CrisisManager app to your cell phone or other device for a just-in-time reference on how to protect yourself and respond to fire, earthquakes, winter storms, utility failures, etc. Go to or follow these instructions:

1. Download “CrisisManager” by School Dude from the App Store or Google Play *
• Apple iTunes Store (iOS)
• Google Play (Android)
• Kindle Fire
* For Window devices, Download the PDF version from the emergency preparedness website
2. Open the App, select “Continue without logging in”
3. Add the OSU Plan
• Click on the “+” in the right corner
• Search keyword “beaver” or “OSU” or “Corvallis”
• OR Find the Client Plans folder and look inside for ”Oregon State University
Emergency Plan”
4. Select the down arrow “˅” and download the plan
5. Tap on the plan to open
Thank you,
Mike Bamberger

Emergency Preparedness Manager
Oregon State University
601 SW 17 Street
Cascade Hall, Room 221
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
Phone: 541-737-4713 | Cell: 541-758-9126 |

UVDF RFP Release

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For the past several months, we’ve been working with our advisory council to improve OSU’s University Venture Development Fund grant program. The program will move from once per year to now, twice per year, and we will be releasing the spring 2017 RFP this Friday – the submission deadline will be May 19th. Additional information:

Program Aims: The purpose of the funding is to facilitate development and commercialization of research inventions, tools, prototypes, software, digital content or other intellectual property (IP) created by OSU faculty and students. The funding plan should address one, or at most two key obstacles or opportunities that if successfully addressed within a six-month or less timeframe, would significantly increase the likelihood of out-licensing of intellectual property for commercial development either through a new OSU startup or an existing Oregon company.\

Funding Levels: Anticipated funding levels from the UVDF are up to $60,000 per proposal. Departments, schools, and/or colleges are highly encouraged to cash match funding up to $15,000 in addition to the requirement that they provide graduate student tuition support for their participating students. Approximately $250,000 is available for funding in this round of proposals.

I will send you the RFP directly Friday, as well as broadcast widely throughout OSU. If you have any questions, please let me know.



Assistant Vice President

Research, Commercialization & Industry Partnerships

OSU Advantage

Oregon State University 
312 Kerr Administration  |  Corvallis, OR  |  97331

541-737.9058  |



April 13, 2017

Weekend Building Usage

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In the near future (per OSU WebViewer
Gilbert Hall:

Saturday April 22nd
GILB 124, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM; MIME Class CRN : 60635
GILB 224, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM; MIME Class CRN : 60635

Gilbert Addition:
None at this time.

Linus Pauling Science Center:
None at this time.

Faculty Scholars for Teaching Excellence Endowment

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As it was announced at our COS Faculty Awards ceremony in February 2017 by our interim Provost Ron Adams, our college has established a “Faculty Scholars for Teaching Excellence Endowment.”
We have an exciting opportunity to select at least one of our colleagues to receive support from this endowment, with matching funds from the Provost, that recognizes excellent teaching and learning innovations.  Please visit the following website for details about this program (also attached):

Both tenured/tenure track and non-tenure track faculty in the College of Science are eligible for this recognition.  Our selected COS Faculty Scholar will be a critical contributor to the University’s broader Student Success Initiative, be recognized by the community of practice, and committed to sharing teaching practices that are proven to engage students and increase their success at OSU and beyond.

The first step in this process is to form a selection committee to establish a selection process and a timeline.  Please respond to me by April 24 with the names of nominees for the selection committee.  Self-nominations are also welcome.  Potential nominees for the Faculty Scholar Award should not be member of the selection committee.


Thank you,


Dr. Staci L. Massey Simonich, Professor
Associate Dean, College of Science
Oregon State University
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology and
Department of Chemistry
Kidder 112
Corvallis, Oregon USA 97331-7301
v: (541)737-9194; f: (541)737-0497

April 10, 2017

Temp Faculty Positions at Humboldt State University

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Please let your soon to graduate students and post-docs looking for employment that the Department of Chemistry at Humboldt State University is hiring up to three temporary faculty in Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. The advertisements may be viewed here:


Please feel free to let your students and post-docs know that they may contact me for more information.

Thank you for your time-


Joshua R. Smith, Professor
Chair, Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics and Astronomy

Humboldt State University
One Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521
Ph 707.826.4882
Fax 707.826.3279

Campus Wide Annual Steam Shutdown

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Notice: Campus Wide Annual Steam Shutdown
Effective Date(s): June 18th 6:00 pm – June 26th, 2017 8:00 am
Each year Facilities Services performs necessary maintenance on the university’s steam system, which requires shutting off the steam throughout campus, to complete maintenance services at the plant, throughout the steam tunnels and in each building. This process affects hot water supply, heating, and all equipment that uses steam, campus wide. The steam shutdown for 2017 will occur June 18th 6:00 pm – June 25th, 2017 8:00 am.
For questions or comments on this closure contact Facilities Services at 541-737-2969.
Closures are often subject to changes and delays, so please visit the OSU Campus Closures, Shutdowns, and Detours page for updates on this and other campus closures.
Please forward this notice to anyone who would benefit from this information.
Campus Notifications
Send a message to Campus Notifications
View Campus Closures, Shutdowns and Detours page

ESTEME @ OSU Applications

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Bring Your Kids to Campus Day – April 14th

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OSU Corvallis campus community members,

As a part of Oregon State’s commitment to supporting students and employees in pursuing happy, balanced and fulfilling lives, the office of Childcare and Family Resources on the Corvallis campus will host the 6th annual “Bring Your Kids to Campus” Day on Friday, April 14.

This Corvallis campus event is a way to celebrate family, the importance of education, and to highlight the campus as a family friendly community where parents can share their work and studies, and where families may learn, play and succeed together.

We realize that OSU employees live and work across the state. While this date and the Corvallis campus may not be ideal or accessible for everyone, we feel it important to hold a special event of this nature each year and promote engagement by as many participants as possible. Meanwhile, we encourage all offices of OSU throughout the state to consider their own opportunities for “bringing your kids to work.” For more ideas about such programs, e-mail

This Friday, we are asking for campus-wide collaboration to make this day a huge success. We encourage departments to have discussions ahead of time with employees and students, so that campus classrooms, workspaces, common areas, and other campus locations can be inclusive and family-friendly that day.

If your department is interested in hosting a family-friendly activity next year, please contact Childcare and Family Resources at or by calling 541-737-4906.  Any questions regarding this year’s event can be directed there, as well.

We look forward to celebrating with you and your families this Friday. See you then!


Steve Clark
Vice President
University Relations and Marketing

April 7, 2017

This Week’s Vendor Deals…

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Fisher Scientific:
From Chris Ross (
and Hilary Aaron (
• Buy 1 Case Get 1 Case on select solvents from the flyer, limit 2 free cases per customer
• Spend $1000 on our 4 brands of chemicals (Fisher Chemical, Fisher BioReagents, Acros Organics, Alfa Aesar) Get $400, Spend $500 Get $100, Spend $250 get $50
• Buy 2 Get 1 on Fisher BioReagents
• Spend $300 on Alfa Aesar or Acros Organics chemicals Get $150 or Spend $150 Get $50

Postdoctoral Scientist – Wolfe Laboratories, Inc

Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. has an immediate need for which your current, or recent, graduates may be interested. This is a newly-created position due to our growth. May, or even June, 2017, graduates are certainly eligible to apply as well as recent grads.

I want to point out that our Postdoctoral Scientist positions are not for a specific length of time, as are most academic postdoc roles. This is a full time “permanent” job, with the anticipation of once the postdoc attains certain milestones they are then moved into a different position in the company (Scientist I, Project Manager, and other opportunities as well).

Thank you for your assistance in distributing these to your students, and hopefully I’ll get a lot of interest! As usual, should you have any questions, feel free to ask away. Thanks.

Steve Pangione, PHR
HR Manager
Wolfe Laboratories, Inc.
19 Presidential Way
Woburn, MA 01801
781-305-4940, X102

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