The Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award is awarded to a member of the Oregon State University community who actively promotes and enhances diversity, equity and inclusion. The awardee contributes to and advances the mission of OSU through consistent and sustained efforts to improve opportunities for the diverse communities we serve. The winner is awarded a $1,000 honorarium.  


Nominees must meet the following eligibility criteria:   

  • Current employee of Oregon State University, OSU Foundation & Alumni Association, or INTO OSU who has been cumulatively employed by OSU, OSUF, OSUAA or INTO OSU for a minimum of five years
  • Cumulative achievements with a direct and significant impact in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at Oregon State University over a minimum of five years


Award Criteria  


Nominations will be evaluated on the evidence of a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, including going above and beyond the nominee’s position description. Evidence may include the following:  


  • Actively enhanced the recruitment of diverse students and faculty  
  • Engaged in innovative curriculum and program development across communities of difference  
  • Advanced diversity, equity and inclusion through academic research and scholarship  
  • Developed experiential or immersive learning that expands consciousness and responsibility related to social justice  
  • Pursued grants that advance diversity, equity and inclusion  
  • Advised individual students or student organizations and created pathways to success  


Nomination Process  


The nominator shall submit all of the following items, in one PDF, to


Please submit items in this order:  

  1. Nomination form  
  2. A statement from the nominator not exceeding two single-sided pages using 12pt font and 1” margins summarizing why the nominee should be selected for the Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award. Please address the award criteria in the statement.  
  3. Two letters of support from community members internal to OSU (e.g. students, faculty, staff, volunteers), or external to OSU (e.g. community organizations, professional organizations). Please be certain the letters of support address the award criteria.   
  4. The nominee’s curriculum vitae OR a professional resume highlighting the above criteria.  



Selection Process  


Nominations will be reviewed and selected by the Office of Institutional Diversity Awards Committee. Committee recommendations will be made based on nomination information submitted.  




Nominations and all nomination materials for the Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award must be received by April 15, 2022.  


For further information, please contact the Office of Institutional Diversity,  

Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)

Oregon State University 

510 Kerr Admin | Corvallis, OR 



I hope you’re having a good March so far!

I wanted to share information the launch of the Clean Energy Corps, which is comprised of staff from more than a dozen offices across the Department of Energy—current staff and new hires—who are working together to research, develop, demonstrate, and deploy solutions to climate change.   The Clean Energy Corps is ready to recruit an additional 1,000 staff using special hiring authorities included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

DOE’s current team and these new colleagues will be vital in implementing the Law’s historic infusion of $62 billion in funding and accelerating the nation’s drive to a clean energy future.

To recruit those staff, DOE is launching an applicant portal which will allow interested individuals to submit their information.  The portal will give hiring managers the ability to quickly identify the best and brightest candidates and ensure that we can bring on talent and perspectives from every community in America.  Invited candidates will proceed to a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA)-informed interview process.

This link leads to the application portal:

Please feel free to share with your staff/students. 

Thank you,

CA Verba, Ph.D

Research Geologist

Research and Innovation Center

Department of Energy 

National Energy Technology Laboratory

1450 Queen Ave SW

Albany, OR 97322


Dear OSU Faculty,

Oregon State University’s 153rd Commencement is on Saturday, June 11. The OSU Beaver Store is now accepting Faculty regalia rental orders.  To place your order go to  Your order must be placed by April 15, 2022.  Orders placed after that day will incur an expediting fee or may require substitutions.

We are still able to use index numbers for department charges on faculty regalia.

Email with any questions. 

Thank you

The President’s Commission on the Status of Black Faculty & Staff Affairs at Oregon State University is hosting its inaugural State of Black Affairs Summit.  The purpose of this event is to build support for Black communities across Oregon. Please put May 25th from 8am-6pm on your calendars, register, and share (forward) this hyperlinked invitation with your department and affiliated organizations.  In addition to a continental breakfast and lunch, this event offers concurrent sessions, prominent speakers, a keynote address, and a chance to network followed by a happy hour.  Our hope is that this will become an annual event to reflect on where we have been and to bring leaders together to strategize on how to better support and center Black lives. Thank you in advance for your support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate reach out to me directly, or to Terrance Harris (co-chair of PCSBFSA) and/or Bridget Jones (secretary).

The 2022 NSF Early Career Investigator Workshop will be held in-person on June 6-7, 2022 in Alexandria, VA. The workshop is designed to help junior faculty navigate the NSF proposal preparation and submission process, network with program officers from NSF and other federal agencies and get advice on their proposal ideas from established investigators. More details are included below and in the attached flyer. I’m serving as one of the organizers this year along with Christina Li from Purdue. Please encourage your junior colleagues to apply and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


2022 NSF Chemistry Early Career Investigator Workshop

June 6-7, 2022

Alexandria, VA

(Sponsored by NSF CHE-2219774)

The NSF Division of Chemistry Early Career Investigator Workshop will be held in-person on June 6-7, 2022 in Alexandria, VA. The workshop will bring together junior faculty along with established faculty mentors and NSF program officers to discuss strategies for crafting research ideas, planning educational and outreach activities, and assessing and evaluating project goals.

All assistant professors who are eligible to submit an NSF CAREER proposal in FY 2023, including new hires starting in Fall of 2022, are encouraged to apply for the workshop.

Applications are due on April 8, 2022. Please visit for more information and application details. 


Steven A. Lopez, Ph.D. (he/his) | Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Roux Institute

Northeastern University

Want to teach kids how to use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to be inventors and to travel across Oregon this summer?

Oregon State University has an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of middle school students all around the state of Oregon! As an Invention Educator* you will connect with our community of STEM and invention partners in a variety of locations across the state and help build youth learners’ entrepreneur, design, invention, and engineering skills. You and your co-mentors will support youth in teamwork, leadership, and communication, as well as help them solve a real-world problem within their community or for a specific user!

*Invention education refers to the “deliberate efforts to teach people how to approach problem finding and problem-solving in ways that reflect the process and practices employed by accomplished inventors”. Invention education is known to be a powerful, engaging, and inclusive educational approach that helps prepare students for a rapidly changing future! Be part of this new, exciting, and growing field!

We are looking to recruit a talented post-doctoral researcher in the upcoming year at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. I would be grateful if you could disseminate the attached position description throughout your department or to any graduate students who will be graduating in the next year and have an interest in Synthetic Biology. I have also posted the position description below. 

Salary: $87,198/year with health benefits plus travel support for conference attendance. Please email myself or Dr. Igor Medintz ( if interested. 

NRC Post Doc Announcement:

Synthetic Biology and Interfacial Catalysis

A postdoctoral research position is available in the Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington DC (  This position is at the interface of biology and materials and focuses on creating new biocataltyic enzyme-based nanomaterials with emergent properties.

NRL is the Department of Defense’s (DoDs) corporate laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps. The Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering works at the interface of materials, chemistry, biology, biophysics and materials science to solve critical problems of importance to the Navy and DoD.

Project Description:  When enzymes are displayed at a nanoparticle interface in a controlled and homogeneous manner, in many cases they display substantially enhanced catalytic activity. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms by which enzyme activity is altered and enhanced at this nanoparticle interface and learning how to exploit this in the context of synthetic biology. We are particularly interested in designing and assembling totally artificial enzyme-based biosynthetic pathways on nanoparticles in vitro where the overall catalytic flux through the system can be expected to be greatly enhanced by what appears to be channeling behavior.  This approach represents an important and complementary way of achieving biocatalysis for use synthetic biology that is still extremely underutilized.

Candidates desired experience to include a PhD in a related biological discipline such as molecular biology, biochemistry, or microbiology with some combination of experience in cloning and recombinant DNA technology, enzymatic assays, fluorescence, bacterial-eukaryotic cell expression and analysis, biosensing, and synthetic biology. Experience with nanoparticles/nanomaterials and FRET are a plus.

Salary: $87,198/year with health benefits plus travel support for conference attendance. The position is administered through the National Research Council ( NRL is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants must be US Citizens or US Permanent Residents at time of application.

Representative publications:

  • Ellis, G.A., Díaz, S.A., Medintz, I.L. Enhancing Enzymatic Performance with Nanoparticle Immobilization: Improved Analytical and Control Capability for Synthetic Biochemistry. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 71, 77-90 (2021).
  • Díaz, S.A., Choo, P., Oh, E., Susumu, K., Klein, W.P., Walper, S.A., Hastman, D.A., Odom, T.W., Medintz, I.L. Gold Nanoparticle Templating Increases the Catalytic Rate of an Amylase, Maltase, and Glucokinase Multienzyme Cascade through Substrate Channeling Independent of Surface Curvature. ACS Catalysis 11,627-638 (2021).
  • Klein, W.; Thomsen, R.; Turner, K.; Walper, S.A.; Vranish, J.; Kjems, J.; Ancona, M.G.; Thakur, M., Medintz, I.L., Enhanced Catalysis from Multienzyme Cascades Assembled On A DNA Origami Triangle. ACS Nano 13, 13677-13689 (2019).
  • Ellis, G.A., Klein, W.P., Lasarte Aragones, G., Thakur, M., Walper, S.A., Medintz, I.L. Artificial Multienzyme Scaffolds:  Pursuing In Vitro Substrate Channeling with an Overview of Current Progress.  ACS Catalysis 9, 10812-10869 (2019).
  • Breger, J.C., Oh, E., Susumu, K., Klein, W.P., Walper, S.A., Ancona, M.G., Medintz, I.L. Nanoparticle Size Influences Localized Enzymatic Enhancement – A Case Study with Phosphotriesterase. Bioconjugate Chemistry 30, 2060-2074 (2019).
  • Vranish, J.N., Ancona, M.G., Oh, E., Susumu, K., Lasarte-Aragones, G., Breger, J.C., Walper, S.A., Medintz, I.L.   Enhancing Coupled Enzymatic Activity by Colocalization on Nanoparticle Surfaces: Kinetic Evidence for Directed Channeling of Intermediates.  ACS Nano 12, 7911-7926 (2018).
  • Breger, J.C., Ancona, M.G., Walper, S.A., Oh, E., Susumu, K., Stewart, M.H., Deschamps, J.R., Medintz, I.L. Understanding How Nanoparticle Attachment Enhances Phosphotriesterase Kinetic Efficiency. ACS Nano 8, 8491-8503 (2015).

Point of Contact:

Igor L. Medintz PhD (ST)

Senior Scientist for Biosensors and Biomaterials

Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering 

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Code 6907 

Washington D.C., 20375 USA


The College of Science will sponsor students to present their research at the Chemical Biology and Physiology 21|22 conference held in Portland, Oregon on April 28-May 1, 2022.  This conference brings in global leaders in chemistry, biochemistry, drug discovery, and new therapeutic approaches. Please see details of the conference below and attached flyer. 

The college will cover the $200 “Oregon institution” registration fee for a maximum of 20 students who will present at the conference. If remaining funds are available these can be used for travel expenses and will be assigned based on student need. Students using these COS funds will be expected to give a 5-10 minute presentation on their talk and what they found of value at a Fall Research symposium. 

Students must provide an abstract by the March 13th deadline to be considered for flash talks and short talks. 

Ryan Mehl in Biochemistry and Biophysics is on the Steering Committee and can be contacted with specific questions.

Dear Academic Leadership,

We are pleased to announce that our winter term Academic Leadership Workshop, Get to Know the OSU Office of the General Counsel: How They Are Here to Help You Before Anyone Ends up In Court, presented by Becca Gose, Chief Legal Counsel, General Counsel, and joined by Esther Henry, Senior Associate, General Counsel. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 am. The workshop will be held remotely via Zoom.

Meet the General Counsel and learn that they are there to provide good planning advice and answers to questions long before legal actions ever arise. Learn insights on how to navigate topics such as legal confidentiality, public information requests, etc. A lot of legal questions arise in the employment context, so stay tuned for parts 2-3 of this series, which will include Becca, Esther, and Heather Horn, Associate Vice Provost & Assistant Vice President Employee & Labor Relations and HR Strategic Partnership, to focus on employment issues in particular.

Registration details can be found here:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions for future workshop topics. 

We hope to see you on March 15!



Bob Mason

Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Development