Please share the following DOD opportunity below with potentially interested researchers. Leah Gorman shared a table of research interests below. White papers due: June 24, 2024

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Natural Materials and Systems Dr. Bennett Ibey 
AFOSR Atomic and Molecular Physics Dr. Boyan Tabakov 
AFOSR Mathematical Optimization Dr. Warren Adams 
AFOSR Ghz – Thz Electronics Dr. Kenneth C. Goretta 
Army Research Office (ARO) Fluid Dynamics Dr. Jack R. Edwards 
ARO Polymer Chemistry Dr. Robert H. Lambeth 
ARO Information Processing and Fusion Dr. John S. Hyatt 
ARO Physical Properties of Materials Dr. Katherine J. Duncan 
Office of Naval Research (ONR) Novel, fast-response, infrared (IR) detector concepts enabling higher temperature operation Dr. Richard Espinola 
10 ONR Vertical Cloud and Aerosol Profiling Dr. Josh Cossuth 
11 ONR Multifunctional Marine Antifouling Surfaces Ms. Danielle Paynter 
12 ONR Understanding Mind and Body Relationship Through Respiratory Control Dr. Sandra Chapman 
13 ONR Novel Attachment Methods for Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Mr. Bill Nickerson 


From: CARE <> on behalf of Gorman, Leah <>
Date: Monday, April 22, 2024 at 3:16 PM
To: <>, CARE List <>
Subject: [Care] DOD DEPSCOR Research Collaboration


White papers due: June 24, 2024

We wanted to bring to your attention the DOD DEPSCOR Research Collaborations program.  We are a DOD “ESPSCOR” state, which qualifies our faculty to apply for this unique program which pairs faculty who have never been a lead PI on DOD funded research with a DOD-funded “mentor”.  The “mentor” could be at our institution or a different institution.

Here is the list provided in the recent webinar about the program of areas of special interest this year, and the program officers that our faculty should reach out to about concepts.  This is basic research that informs an area of interest to DOD.   Award ceiling is 600K and this is a great opportunity to build relationships with the sponsor to grow a research program.  Contacting program officers prior to white paper submission is strongly recommended.

Please share with faculty with interests in the following areas:

A table with a list of information

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This funding opportunity aims to create basic research collaborations between a pair of researchers, namely 1) Applicant/Principal Investigator (PI), henceforth referred to as Applicant, a full-time faculty member who has never served as a PI on a prior DoD directly funded research Prime award and 2) Collaborator/co-Principal Investigator (co-PI), henceforth referred to as Collaborator, an investigator who will provide mentorship to the Applicant and has served as a PI on a DoD directly funded research Prime award actively between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2023. This structure is aimed at introducing potential applicants to the DoD’s unique research challenges and its supportive research ecosystem.

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