Faculty and staff input on institutional policies and procedures is essential to the overall governance of the University. For this reason, standing committees comprised of faculty (academic, research and professional faculty) and classified employees are formed annually to address topics and issues of interest. Committee participation is a beneficial staff development opportunity that increases department and unit visibility and supports the development of our university. In addition, promotion and tenure expectations require faculty to perform appropriate service that contributes to the effectiveness of their units, colleges, the University and of their professions. Participation also offers an opportunity to become acquainted with others throughout the OSU community.

On behalf of the university, I invite you to volunteer for committee service by completing the online form. This information will be provided to the various offices involved in making committee selections. Although we cannot guarantee membership on the committee of your choice, we will do everything possible to make use of your talents. Please complete the online form only, and do not send additional materials such as vitae, etc. 

You may preview the committees available to both classified employees and faculty (academic, research and professional faculty) prior to accessing the online form. Faculty may select up to three groups for both Faculty Senate committees (Group A) and University committees (Groups B-G), for a total of six choices, in addition to Group H where you may indicate a particular area of interest. Please note that many of the committees and councils have an associated link. If a committee or council in which you are interested has such a link, you are encouraged to review the Standing Rules/charge to ensure that this group does what you are expecting and that you are eligible to serve. Some committee and council entries also provide information related to meeting frequency and required training; training need not be accomplished prior to being appointed. 

If you wish to resign from current committee membership, please email caitlin.calascibetta@oregonstate.edu and include your name, the name of the committee from which you wish to resign and your effective date of resignation.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in shared governance.

Vickie Nunnemaker | (she/her/hers)

Special Assistant to the Faculty Senate President

Faculty Senate Office | Oregon State University

A008 Kerr Admin. Bldg. – Corvallis OR 97331-8655

Phone: 541-737-6268 (ofc); 541-737-4489 (fax)



Note: The Faculty Senate Office has temporarily moved to A008 Kerr Admin. Bldg.

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