The NASA Graduate Research Opportunities due date is November 1, 2023

  1. The proposals are written by the students but submitted by OSU and consists of one pdf that includes:
  2. Personal statement (2 pages)
  3. Project narrative (5 pages. References do not count toward the page limit)
  4. A NSTGRO Schedule (1 page)
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) (2 pages, with a note on publications/presentations noted in the solicitation)

Three letters of recommendation (2 pages each) are submitted separately (and due by November 6th, I think).

This introductory video is quite helpful and worth watching if you plan to apply:

Since, the proposals are submitted by the university, this means you need to submit a Cayuse record, that includes the budget, budget narrative and a draft proposal or scope of work 5-7 days prior to the deadline (early next week) for departmental, college and OSRAA review and approval.  You can continue to work on the narrative until the deadline. OSRAA implemented a policy that is now in effect that all proposals must be submitted one day prior to the deadline (so, October 31st). 

To submit a proposal through OSU, please see:

If you are not registered in Cayuse, you can sign up here:

If you are planning a proposal and would like assistance, please contact our Proposal Support Team at but, because of the tight deadline, we can only offer minimal assistance.

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