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Could you please share the following message with your department? Especially those interested in nanomaterial and single-nanoparticle studies. It contains information on opportunities for your undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs to be involved at the Spring 2024 & 2025 ACS National Conventions in New Orleans, LA and San Diego, CA, respectively. Thank you, we appreciate it! 

TLDR: Various opportunities for undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs at the Spring 2024 ACS National Convention held in New Orleans, LA in March 2024. 

Hello! My name is Zac O’Dell and I’m currently a 4th year graduate student at Temple University. I am also the chair of the Spring 2024 GSSPC, a team of graduate students from Temple, Indiana University, and Texas A&M who have been selected to organize a symposium at the Spring 2024 American Chemical Society national convention in New Orleans titled ‘Nanoparticle Heterogeneity: Realizing Strengths by Embracing the Differences’. I’m reaching out today to let you know about some opportunities for your department’s undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs to not only attend our symposium, but also present their research, and host the next graduate student symposium at the Spring 2025 ACS national convention in San Diego! 

·         Undergraduate Travel Grant 

o    Apply for a travel grant to attend our symposium and network with leading PIs, postdocs, and graduate students in the field of single-nanoparticle studies! 

·         Speaker Application 

o    Graduate students and postdocs in the field of single metal nanoparticle studies are encouraged to apply to give a 15-minute oral presentation of their work among leaders in the field! 

·         Host the next GSSPC at the Spring 2025 ACS National Convention 

o    Graduate students are invited to put together a team, a symposium theme, and a list of plausible speakers in order to apply to host the next graduate student symposium! 

I have also included more general information about our symposium in the attachments that I hope you will share with your department, especially those interested in nanomaterials and single-entity chemistry. Please visit our website ( or follow us on Twitter ( for more information and updates about the symposium, and feel free to email with any questions! 

Thank you! 

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