Practical tips for incorporating DEI into your course materials

Thursday, March 9, 12:10 to 12:55 p.m. PT

Do you want practical tips for how to make your course resources more diverse, equitable and inclusive? This 45-minute workshop builds off understanding the importance of incorporating DEI into your course materials and takes a deep dive into how to do it.

Together, we’ll explore how to decolonize your syllabus, what a diversity statement is, why you might include one in your syllabus and examples of existing diversity statements. We’ll explore concrete ways to include diverse representation in the materials you’re creating for your classroom and/or in materials you’re adopting with an open license. 

You’ll walk away with a curated list of recommended readings, places to find openly licensed images, and examples of course materials where DEI components have been successfully integrated. Presented by Amanda Larson, affordable learning instructional consultant at The Ohio State University.

Sponsored by Oregon State University


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