The Office of Faculty Affairs is pleased to announce that we are hosting a second cohort of the Public Voices Fellowship program facilitated by the OpEd Project starting in September 2022. As a reminder, we ran our first cohort through this program in March through August of 2021.

The Public Voices Fellowship program is a prestigious national initiative to change who writes history. It has been piloted at top universities across the country, with the goal of enabling a more diverse set of thinkers to contribute to important public discourse. The fellowship offers an opportunity for mid-career and senior faculty members and administrators to receive training, engage with a prestigious network of journalists, and be part of a professional development cohort centering around public impact and media communications. 

This fellowship is especially timely given the current dialogue on gender, racial, economic and other forms of inequities within our social institutions, and the low representation of women and other underrepresented minorities in the science, engineering and medical professions. 

We would like your help identifying promising participants, thought leaders in their fields, who would be interested in a cohort-based experience that will help them increase their contributions to public discourse. 

  1. Our 2022 Public Voices Fellowship cohort is limited to 20 participants. 
  2. All academic faculty are eligible to apply, however, this program may be best suited for associate professors and full professors who have developed their academic scholarship and are seeking to expand into public scholarship. 
  3. Administrators and professional faculty who have established a track record of scholarship or recognition in their field are also eligible and encouraged to apply. 

The cost for this program is $3,250 per fellow. The Office of Faculty Affairs will provide a 50% match ($1,625 per fellow) for applicants who are selected for these fellowships; the balance of the cost would be supported through academic units or professional development funds. 

If you have individuals in mind who may have interest in this program, please forward names to Bob Mason by Wednesday May 25 and indicate to them that they will need a co-sponsor them if selected for a fellowship. We will be reaching out and inviting applications on an ongoing basis as names are shared. 

The Office of Faculty Affairs will host a Q&A session about the fellowship within the next couple of weeks. Details are forthcoming.

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