I hope you’re having a good March so far!

I wanted to share information the launch of the Clean Energy Corps, which is comprised of staff from more than a dozen offices across the Department of Energy—current staff and new hires—who are working together to research, develop, demonstrate, and deploy solutions to climate change.   The Clean Energy Corps is ready to recruit an additional 1,000 staff using special hiring authorities included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

DOE’s current team and these new colleagues will be vital in implementing the Law’s historic infusion of $62 billion in funding and accelerating the nation’s drive to a clean energy future.

To recruit those staff, DOE is launching an applicant portal which will allow interested individuals to submit their information.  The portal will give hiring managers the ability to quickly identify the best and brightest candidates and ensure that we can bring on talent and perspectives from every community in America.  Invited candidates will proceed to a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA)-informed interview process.

This link leads to the application portal: https://www.energy.gov/CleanEnergyCorps

Please feel free to share with your staff/students. 

Thank you,

CA Verba, Ph.D

Research Geologist

Research and Innovation Center

Department of Energy 

National Energy Technology Laboratory

1450 Queen Ave SW

Albany, OR 97322


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