Please note the following awards are open for nominations until April 6. All OSU members, or groups, can submit:

Nominations open: The President’s Commission on the Status of Women, Office of Institutional Diversity, Office of the Provost and OSU Athletics are accepting nominations for the Breaking Barriers awards. All OSU community members whose work advances gender equity in alignment with the award categories are eligible. Categories include Breaking Barriers in Education, Breaking Barriers in Research, Breaking Barriers in Athletics, the PCOSW Community Builder and the Harriet “Hattie” Redmond awards. Learn more and submit nominations at Nominations close Tuesday, April 6. For questions, contact

We welcome nominations for the following five awards: 

·         Breaking Barriers in Education Award: This award recognizes a member of the OSU community whose high impact in teaching and mentoring has paved the way for women in higher education to thrive and prosper. 

·         Breaking Barriers in Research Award: This award honors a member of the OSU community whose innovative research challenges and expands knowledge and/or improves the lives of women.

·         Breaking Barriers in Athletics Award: This award recognizes a member of the  OSU athletic community whose contributions actively create and encourage gender equity in sports.

·         The PCOSW Community Builder Award: This award honors an individual, or group, in the OSU community whose work contributes significantly to the campus environment through advocacy of gender equity. ​​​

·         The Harriet “Hattie” Redmond Award:  This award celebrates a member of the OSU community who works as an agent of change in service of racial justice and gender equity.

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