Science Communication Workshop Opportunity

OMSI and the College of Science are excited to continue offering opportunities for members of the OSU community to build and hone their science communication skills. This spring, a workshop series will provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and undergraduate students engaged in research to build and hone their science communication skills. Build your skills and confidence talking about your science research with the public, friends and family through this special training offered by OMSI Science Educators.

These workshops are offered in two groups: The first three sessions—Introduction to Science Communication Series—focus on the building blocks of science communication and the second three workshops—Special Offering: Science Communication Topics—dig into specific topics.

We are working with OMSI to develop a Science Ambassador Certificate for those who complete the series.

Click the links below to register. Registration closes two days before the workshop.

Introduction to Science Communication Series: In the series of three Introduction to Science Communication workshops, participants will engage in learning situations while using reflection tools to help build their understanding of informal learning. Participants will be able to build upon the framework to approach communicating science with the public in various informal settings. Tuition: $65 for the series.

1.     Understand Informal Education (Feb 18): We all have many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom (and workshops.) This workshop takes an introductory look at how modes of communication can assist in those informal learning settings.

2.     Make my Research Meaningful (Feb 25): As you delve into your research or career, the bigger picture can be harder to see through the details. In this workshop, we will use tools and techniques to help you get back on the same plane of understanding as the public.

3.     Hone my Message (Mar 4): How can I get my message across at the right level for the learner? We will practice facilitation strategies to support conversations that keep the learner in the forefront instead of the content.

Special Offering – Science Communication Topics: These three workshops will provide avenues to narrow the lessons learned from the core workshops towards a specific outcome. Topic workshops will include activities and resources from cross-departmental OMSI staff. Tuition: $25 per workshop.

·         Controversial Subjects (Apr 8): Don’t avoid tackling controversial issues anymore! In this workshop we’ll learn and practice strategies for writing and talking about controversial topics in a productive and hopeful way. Subjects include: framing, the power of metaphor, explanatory chains and solutions.

·         Virtual Science Demonstrations (Apr 15): Over the past year, many of us have communicated in a virtual format much more than ever before. In this workshop we will emphasize and practice facilitation strategies unique to the virtual format that still allow for making meaningful connections.

·         Science in Social Media (Apr 22): Social media platforms, as science communication tools, present unique opportunities and challenges. Do I know my audience? How do I communicate accurate science while being concise? This workshop will put your communication skills in context for a quick paced and high volume learning environment.

There is a $15 discount if you sign up for all of the workshops.

See all funding, news and dates online at and tell your graduate students and postdocs about GP-ECOS, funding opportunities and dates of interest directly applicable to them!

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