I wanted to reach out to advertise a Toxicology intern position we have open at HP. I see that you are listed in the EMT directory as program administrative support, so you may have a better point of contact you can point me towards. Would you or someone within the department be able spearhead distributing this opportunity though the EMT network? 

My personal view is that this would be a great paid opportunity for well qualified undergraduates to learn and develop the skill sets required of a regulatory toxicologist in a corporate environment. This is a very interesting field with career opportunities that are not highlighted effectively in the department. One project will involve the analysis of test data across 18 toxicological endpoints to evaluate known and unknown risk for candidate chemicals to be used in new products using the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals method (a very interesting project).

I realize that the timing of the holidays and finals may complicate getting the word out but interested students should apply quickly as we are looking to close the process in January.

We are looking for 

·       An active student in 3rd year or above, pursuing their bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Chemistry or Toxicology.  The ideal candidate is one that is on track to graduate from university studies in 2021 or 2022.  Toxicology or Chemistry as a major or minor is highly desired

·       The position requires 10-20 hours/week (max), throughout the academic year; outside the academic year, the position would be full time

·       Students with an interest in corporate sustainability and 

More details in in the job posting at this link.



Matt Perkins, Regulatory Toxicologist 

Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility, HP Inc.

541-360-4485, Matt.perkins@hp.com

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