OMSI Science Communication Fellows are STEM professionals, including faculty, graduate students, technicians, or other individuals in science, health, engineering, or technology related positions. Fellows participate in specialized communication training, develop a hands-on demonstration about their work, and join OMSI in helping public audiences engage with science in meaningful and relevant ways. 

Join us for a brown bag information session on October 11th, 12-1pm in LPSC 402.

Tuition for the Science Communication Short Course is $1,850 per participant (scholarships may be available from OSMI). Click this link for more information and suggested funding models:  

Note: The College of Science (COS) has a limited number of funds available to support COS participants up to half the tuition ($925). If you apply, please let OMSI know that you are in the COS.

Questions?  Contact Amanda Fisher, OMSI’s Senior Science Communication Specialist, at (503)797-4635 or, for more information.

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