The Water Main, feeding Gilbert Hall, is leaking.  Facilities needs to get in to replace the feed pipe.  The repair means ALL water will be shut off in Gilbert Hall this Tuesday morning, June 19th.  The shut-down will affect everything: Bathrooms, Sinks, Labs, Hot Water, and even the fire suppression sprinkler system, etc.

Facilities estimate the repair will take 2 to 4 hours. First thing Tuesday, they are going to start draining the building water systems.  They will then replace the defective pipe, test for leaks, and re-fill the building water lines.

For planning purposes, I’m thinking we will not have water back until noon. I would also caution that when you use water Tuesday afternoon, to slowly open the valves in case there is ‘burping’ or sputtering of any trapped air.

Everyone may want to bring in some drinking water and find alternate locations for bathroom facilities:  Gilbert Addition (yes, they will still have water), Rogers Hall, Weniger Hall, Monroe Businesses(?), etc.

Please pre-plan for this repair evolution.

Thank you,



Rusty Root

Coordinator-Building Services

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