Basic MATLAB for Environmental Scientists and Engineers (2 credits)
CRN: 19062
Instructor:              David Hill
                                207 Owen Hall
                                Phone: (541) 737-4939
Class time:              T 9:00 – 10:50 am
                                241 Owen Hall
Class objectives: This course will provide an introduction to the numerical computing and graphics environment and programming language, MATLAB, and is intended for beginning graduate students in any science / engineering discipline.  The MATLAB desktop environment will be introduced and basic programming and data analysis skills will be developed, with an emphasis on writing optimized routines to analyze data sets utilizing matrix algebra and vectorization of functions.  Basic graphics and visualization will be covered, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphing, contouring and movies.  The course will emphasize hands-on computer lab experience during the lecture hours and out of class programming assignments.
Tentative Class Schedule (subject to revision based on student interest):
-Introduction – MATLAB desktop and environment
-Data types and arrays, strings, cells, structures
-m-files, functions, anonymous functions, for loops, while loops, if statements, errors, debugging,
-Debugging, profiling, good coding practices,
-File input / output; ascii, binary, etc.
-Lots and lots of pretty graphics
-Curve fitting and parameter estimation
-Solving differential equations, initial value problems, boundary value problems, PDEs
-Time series analysis, detrending, outlier detection, filtering
-NetCDF and GRADS file formats; accessing datasets.
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