Hi Everyone:
Just a quick reminder that the OSU Fee Book deadlines are fast approaching!  ASBC needs to submit any new fees or fee adjustments by April 6th.  Fee calculations sometimes have some significant back and forth, so we had previously asked that you inform us of any fees you plan to add or adjust by mid-March.  Since it is now March 15th, please get any remaining requests for new or revised fees to us ASAP.  If you have already contacted your department accountant on this topic, please continue to work with them to have the request finalized prior to the Business Affairs deadline.

We have already been in contact with all units/faculty who have fees with a required recalculation for this year.  If you are one of these people, and your recalculated fee has not been finalized, please continue to work promptly with your accountants, as it is crucial to meet this recalculation deadline.  For all other fees: we are required to review these to make sure that they are still appropriate, but only need to submit a new form if we make changes.  If we have not heard from you, I will be going into the system next week to mark these fees as reviewed, on the assumption that you have checked the fees for which you are responsible and believe that they continue to be appropriate.

As before, please share this information within your departments as you deem appropriate.  Thanks for your assistance with this process.




Nick Dollar, CPA | Finance & Accounting Manager

Arts & Sciences Business Center | Oregon State University

2042 Cordley Hall | Corvallis, OR 97331 | Phone: 541.737.1220

E-mail:  Nick.Dollar@oregonstate.edu

ASBC website:  fa.oregonstate.edu/asbc

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