The President’s Commission on the Status of Women provides funding to faculty, students, and staff who are pursuing professional development, research, outreach, or creative projects related to women’s issues. Scholarships average $500. Applications are due Friday, Feb. 9, with notification in Week 7.  Please visit for detailed guidelines, qualification requirements, and application links. Questions? Contact Karen Holmberg at

OSU’s Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development | OSU Advantage is announcing a Request for Proposals. OSU-affiliated research faculty, and OSU students working under the direction of a faculty PI, are eligible to apply and may submit applications to OSRAA via Cayuse by 5:00 PM PST, 02/21/2018. The purpose is to provide funding for projects that enhance the value and commercial potential of OSU-affiliated applied innovations and support the innovation economy in Oregon. Award amounts of up to $60,000 will be provided, with a total available fund of approximately $250k this round. Contact Sanjai Tripathi at the OSU Advantage Accelerator with any questions:

The Valley Library will be accepting applications for three long-term research rooms in the library during the month of February.   Doctoral candidates and faculty members engaged in a special project are invited to apply.  These rooms are being made available for an extended period (6 to 12 months) to help accommodate the needs of your project and applications will be considered in light of the merits of your project and your specific need for library space and materials.  The deadline to apply is Sunday, February 4th, 2018 and decisions will be made and announced on or before February 12th.

The application form can be accessed here.  Please complete and return to the library circulation desk, or return by email to  Thanks for participating and best of luck to you in your research.

If you need new equipment, need to repair your existing equipment or would love to renovate or improve your equipment, apply for a RERF Award (Research Equipment Reserve Fund) from the OSU Research Office. 
All College of Science applications are due by Wednesday, February 14, 2018, by 5:00 p.m. to Bettye Maddux. The College will evaluate proposals and select two or three to send forward to the Research Office.
The equipment may be inventoried capital equipment (defined as anything equal to or more than $5,000 per unit), or fabricated capitalized equipment.
This year, the budget is expected to be $400,000. Research Equipment Reserve Funds (RERF) may be used to acquire, repair, renovate, or improve equipment directly used for research.
All faculty with the rank of instructor and above are eligible to serve as Principal Investigator (PI). Faculty with courtesy appointments may serve as Co-Investigator (Co-I) only. Research Associates, Postdoctoral Scholars and Postdoctoral Fellows are not eligible to serve as PI or Co-I.
Please note that faculty with uncommitted Research Office start-up funds are not eligible for consideration either as PI or Co-I. Also, any faculty, either as PIs and Co-Is, may only receive a RERF Award one time in a 24-month period as the PI.

Congratulations to all our Winter Term 2018 Honor Roll students!!


Aldous, Tanner John Edward
Alghumiz, Nasser Turki N
Austin, Molly Clair
Ayres, Coby Lucas
Barnard, Breanna Paige
Bemis, David James
Bloom, Madeline Belle
Bravo, Kali J
Brown, Jessica Camille
Browne, Makenna Renee
Callaghan, Kirsten Mae
Chen, Kathryn P
Cleary, Lauren Jessica
Coddington, Nathan Charles
Day, Blake William
Downey, Quinn L
Duda, Stephen Robert
Eckhardt, Emily Lynn
Fuller, Duncan David
Garcia, Jeffrey
Gonzales, Seth Patrick
Haggerty, Caoilinn Melvina Marie
Hargrave, Haily Kaylan
Herb, Jackson Eli
Hoag, Morgan Alexandra
Huffman, Lucy Su Xiao
Huggins, Nicholas Byler
Hummingbird, Eshe Jael
Hunter, Kye Evan
Kinch, Samuel Joseph
La Jeunesse, Jesse Lee
Lachino-Sonato, Maria Guadalupe
Lee-Rouille, Taylor Renee
Liu-May, Rachel
Lopez-Arana, Jonathan Max
Makuch, Benjamin David
Marshall, Stephanie Jean
Nagasaka, Cocoro Andrew
Nguyen, Dominic T
North, Jacob L
Oldfield, Mathew Aaron
Palmiter, James Stuart
Purcell, Andrew Joseph
Qi, Yitong
Qian, Eric Kun
Ray, Mariya Jo
Rear, Henry Richard
Reeder, Eryn E
Renken, Scott James
Reynolds, Tyelor Scot
Saman, Brittany
Shupe, Hannah Joy
Silvestre Pattarasirin, Juan Atis
Srey, Jason
Svadlenak, Scott Ryan
Tanoeyadi, Samuel
Thompson-Hernandez, Ian Ogun
Tsutsui, Mikayla Kuhilani
Unitan, Lindsay Janelle
Valdez, Teresa Lyann
Vasquez, Alena Maria
Vergis, John M
Walls, William G
Weeks, Emma Drake
Westlake, Rebecca Lynn
Whited, Rylee L
Wise, Henry R
Yang, Jasmin Shaolee
Yi, Heidi Sue
Young, Dylan C

Have your voice heard and help shape the future of mental health at OSU!

Please complete a short survey that should take less than 10 minutes to complete and will give you the option to participate in a drawing for the chance to win a $50 gift card to the OSU Beaver Store.

The purpose of the survey is to hear from students about their concerns, needs, and suggestions on how OSU can best serve the mental health needs of the campus. This information will be used to improve the mental health programs in your community.

To complete the survey, go to:

Please complete this survey by February 2nd to be considered for the gift card incentive drawing.

I have also attached a power point slide for instructors to put on the screen as students enter class or post to Canvas to encourage participation.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Bonnie Hemrick, MPH

Mental Health Promotion Specialist

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Cuesta College is a 2 year community college in San Luis Obispo, California. We are currently recruiting for a tenure-track chemistry position starting in fall 2018. Our chemistry faculty teach 15-20 hours per week, including labs, have no research or publication obligations, and enjoy both autonomy in the classroom and the opportunity to be engaged with college governance if desired.

This position would be a great fit for recent graduates (MS or PhD) who wish to pursue a career teaching freshman and sophomore level courses and preparing high-quality chemistry students that will enter the workforce, transfer to universities, or enroll in nursing programs.

San Luis Obispo is a beautiful county located on the coast half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our county is a mix of small to medium sized towns set in a mostly rural area complete with coastal range mountains, vineyards, and both rocky and sandy beaches. Residents here enjoy a multitude of activities including wine tasting, cycling, surfing, and hiking.

More information about the position and application instructions can be found at the URL below.  I hope that you will consider sending this message to any prospective candidates who might have the desire for this kind of faculty position. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding teaching at Cuesta College.