Oregon State University honors outstanding contributions and performance through several major awards. OSU has a highly qualified faculty, and we depend upon you to facilitate nominations for these awards.

The nominations deadline for the following awards is March 17, 2018:

Eligibility and nomination information for these awards, which will be presented at University Day September 11, 2018, can be found on the web at:http://senate.oregonstate.edu/individual-awards.

Guidelines for Faculty Senate Award Nomination Packets is online athttp://senate.oregonstate.edu/sites/senate.oregonstate.edu/files/guidelinesfacultysenateawardnominationpackets.pdf.

Note: The nomination solicitation is being distributed now since some units elect to work on nominations during the break. The formal solicitation will be distributed in January.

An Awards Summary Table at http://senate.oregonstate.edu/nomination-awards includes not only the above awards, but other awards for which faculty are eligible.

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