Please mark your calendars for CUE (Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence) to be held on Friday May 19, 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM, in the MU Horizon Room to show support to OSU undergraduates.

Please also pass this message and the attached flyer to students that you mentor/advise, and encourage them to participate.

CUE, an undergraduate poster event sponsored by the Division of Undergraduate Studies, provides undergraduates with an excellent opportunity to showcase their research or creative activity at OSU. Details at:

Undergraduates that participate in CUE 2017 may also be eligible to receive a “Research Fellow” or “Arts Fellow” notation on their transcript, and wear a blue honor cord during commencement!

All OSU undergrads are eligible to present solo or group projects that are in progress or have already been completed.

All URISC and 2016 URSA Engage awardees are expected to present their results at CUE.

Students interested in participating in CUE have to register. The deadline for registering is Monday May 8 at 5:00 PM.





Sujaya Rao, PhD.

Professor in Entomology

Director of Undergraduate Research

Division of Undergraduate Studies

Oregon State University

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