Job Title:  Cerakote Coatings Specialist

Classification:  Non-Exempt

REPORTS TO:  Senior Research Chemist/QC Lead

Location:  NIC Industries, Inc., White City, OR.

Company Information:

General Summary:

In conformance with established NIC policies and procedures perform the primary and secondary job functions as listed. The primary duties of this position may be changed and or modified as a result of product developments or competitive technologies that affect the short-term and long-term technology plans and product strategy of NIC.

The Cerakote R&D Technologist assists and performs R&D functions as directed by the Sr. Research Chemist to support any and all R&D operations.

Essential Job Functions:  (Applicant/Employee must have the ability to perform essential job functions with or without accommodations.)

  1. Formulate, make, spray and evaluate by standard or non-standard test methods, any developmental or R&D coating.
  2. Conduct laboratory testing and qualitative analysis of R&D and development coatings.
  3. Collaborate with R&D Lead in the improvement of existing products and assist in the development of new products.


  1. Perform all necessary experiments in the laboratory to demonstrate “proof of concept” and optimize existing product improvements and new product formulations.


  1. Report findings to R&D Lead and ensure clear and concise communication.
  1.   Provide customer technical service for sales, marketing, and management.


  1.  Work with training to resolve any coating application problems.
  2. Maintain product development laboratory and chemicals inventory.
  3. Maintain and create R&D records, reports and documentation necessary to support and track coating development including standard test results such as Adhesion, Abrasion, CoF, Mandrel Bend, Salt Spray, Exhaust Simulator, Gouge, Scratch, MEK Rubs, Chemical Resistance, Stain Resistance, Viscosity, Density, Thermal Emissivity, Furnace Testing, QUV, etc
  4. Create work instructions and standard operating procedures as needed.
  1. Maintain and document experimental formulation panels etc.
  1. As appropriate, answer technical inquires for Sales, Marketing, Management, Training and Production.
  2. Continue to develop knowledge of coating materials and production fundamentals in order to answer technical questions for sales, marketing, management, training, production.
  3. Perform all tasks safely, observing all health, safety and environmental procedures. Maintain a clean, organized work environment and a safe laboratory environment.
  4. Otherwise support any/all R&D functions of Cerakote.

Secondary Job Functions:  (Applicant/Employee must have the ability to perform essential job functions with or without accommodations.)

  1. Support Cerakote R&D efforts to create new concepts in coating technology that could be applied to NIC’s product lines.
  1. As required work with NIC Management to identify new opportunities and to extend the market for existing NIC technology by providing expertise in chemistry, materials science, and the chemistry of materials.

Additional Job Functions:

  1. Assist with special projects as requested.
  2. Provide weekly summary of activities and progress.

Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Working knowledge of chemistry and materials science.
  2. Exhibit good organization, time-management and problem-solving skills.
  3. Able to wear required safety equipment and protective clothing as required by law and NIC policy.
  4. Able to work overtime as required.
  5. Ability to lead by example and create a positive work environment with high expectations for employee productivity.
  6. Ability to be successful and productive while working under time constraints.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Lifting 10 lb containers regularly.  Lifting up to 50 lb containers occasionally, boxes, or bags on occasion.
  2. Standing for 95-100% of the work day.
  3. Moving up to 55-gallon drums of material using a hand-truck.
  4. Ability to lift weight above head when required.



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