Maria JolleyMaria Jolley grew up in Portland, Oregon.  She and her brother were raised by a single mother that emigrated to the US from Vladivostok, Russia.  She graduated from Milwaukie High School and just before her 18th birthday, enlisted in the Navy.  Upon completion of her enlistment, she moved back to Oregon to attend OSU and joined the NROTC program.
Winter term, 2015, Maria graduated with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry.  During the 2015 Winter Commissioning Ceremony, held at the Naval Armory, she was appointed Ensign in the US Navy.
Maria chose Chemistry because she was drawn to the challenge.  “To me, Chemistry was always a foreign language that explained how everything works.  I love knowing what makes the world around us work, how things are made and how they’re put together.  This degree gave me the tools to do just that.”
She chose the Navy for a far simpler reason.  Because she wanted to serve our nation and because she believed in the cause.  She specifically chose the Navy because it is a very diverse service.  “US Navy Sailors are challenged both technically and physically,” Jolley stated.
Her advice for students who are just starting out?  Diversify.  “Oregon State has so much to offer in just about every field – if you don’t let the opportunities pass you by, this place will make you into a well-rounded human being.”  And, stay involved.  “Stay focused on why you are here and don’t watch the clock while you’re in class.”
Ensign Maria Jolley is currently residing in Pensacola, FL, training to become a Naval Aviator.

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