My name is Jim Tung and I am the Chair-Elect of the Portland area’s section of the American Chemical Society, the professional society for chemists and chemistry.

I am working with Troy Wahl, the president of the Oregon City Applied Research Incubator, to bring the Oregon Science Startup Forum to Portland in the spring of 2016.

The forum will present what it takes to start a science company (even as a student!) and to apply your knowledge to create a new business.

Click to see the event’s flyer.

While both Troy and I are chemists, we are reaching out to other disciplines for their perspectives on how to start and run a science-oriented business.


To help plan this event, we’d like your opinion on what you’d like to learn about, whom you’d like to hear from and how you’d like to participate. By taking this survey, you consent for us to use the information you provide.

Please forward to your faculty and students, and post the flyer.

Best wishes,
Jim Tung
2015 Chair-Elect, American Chemical Society, Portland local section

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