For the high-tech sector proposals:

As promised last week, we have completed the full proposal template for FY2016. Please visit the ETIC website Next Biennium page at for information on the high tech sector FY2016 RFP.  Proposals are due March 13th.

For full proposals, here are the guidelines:
There was no requirement to submit a pre-proposal in order to submit a full proposal.
You may submit a full proposal, even if the feedback on your pre-proposal was not positive.
Feedback is not intended to indicate acceptance or rejection of a proposal, nor is there any guarantee that addressing feedback will result in an award.
For proposals that are targeting energy, manufacturing or healthcare:

Your full proposal process and due dates will differ. If you have a question as to whether your proposal falls into one of these other categories, please ask us. We continue to work with the industry representatives from these sectors to spin up their evaluation teams and prepare for a possible Oregon Talent Council. Information on the process will be forthcoming.

In all cases, please let Michele ( or me know if you have any questions, if you have not received feedback on your high-tech pre-proposal by February 20th, or if you have updates to our contact list. Thank you for your patience during this process!

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