Who is your PI? – Sean Burrows

Do you have a Graduate Student/Post-Doc Mentor? – Kyle Almlie

How did you learn about the position? – I got into the research with Dr.Burrows by volunteering, which I got to know about from my adviser, to help set up his lab when he first became a faculty in OSU. I was interested in the research he was going to conduct (currently conducting) and I asked whether he needed any undergraduate researchers in his lab.

Why did you get into Undergraduate Research? – To gain knowledge and have first hand experience in the analytical and spectroscopy field of chemistry. Moreover, I had a some spare time left and did not wanted to waste it.

What advice might you have for other Undergraduate students thinking of pursuing research or just getting started? – Being an undergraduate researcher is very fun and rewarding. I get to do cool experiments on my own and also shadow the graduate students in conducting much higher level experiments.  What I think they should expect is depending on the field of research, always remember the basics of general chemistry such as finding the moles and concentration of a substance . Also, don’t be too picky about what the research is about but just dive into it and gain the experience and knowledge regarding the research.

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