Dr. Paul Blakemore and the Chemistry Department Safety Committee have released the Spring Term Safety Memorandum and announced his succession to Michael Burand as the new Committee Chair.


Spring Term 2014: Safety Memorandum

• Safety Training Records: A Reminder (copies to Talley Richardson by June 13, 2014)
It is imperative that all lab workers receive adequate training to enable them to conduct their
research work safely. That such training has occurred must be documented. Unfortunately,
although a majority of our faculty do an excellent job of safety training, it is rarely adequately
documented. Training records are a required component of a lab specific chemical hygiene
plan (CHP) and can be captured in various ways (e.g., see link to form below). Dept. of
Chemistry PI’s/lab managers are asked to generate safety training records for ALL of their lab
coworkers (inc. graduate/ undergraduate students & post-doctorals) and to provide copies to
Talley Richardson in Gilbert 153 by June 13 (2014).

• Spill Kit Materials Now Stocked in Chem Stores
All laboratories must be equipped with appropriately stocked spill kits to deal with accidental
releases of potentially hazardous material. To make the construction and maintenance of spill
kits easier, Chemistry Stores now stocks all necessary items. The following safety instruction
details how to construct a spill kit.

• Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station Testing
Safety showers in a majority of OSU laboratories are now regularly tested by EH&S; however,
the testing of eye wash stations remains the responsibility of PI’s/laboratory managers. Eye
wash stations are easy to test without special gear and these units should be flushed on a
regular basis (every ca. 1-2 weeks) to avoid water stagnation. An inspection tag should be
attached to the station to document when tests are completed and by whom.

• Michael Burand is the New Chair of the Departmental Safety Committee
Michael Burand is the new chair of the Departmental Safety Committee. The committee
meets on a regular basis to oversee the implementation of safety policy within the
Department of Chemistry. Do not hesitate to contact a relevant member of the committee to
obtain safety advice and/or to alert the committee to any safety related issues that may
arise. Normal business meetings take place once per term, please email Dr. Burand if you
would like an issue added to the agenda for discussion at the next meeting. The composition
of the safety committee and contact information for each of its members can be found on


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