OMSI Science Communication Fellows are industry or academic researchers or science professionals, including faculty, graduate students, technicians, or other individuals in science, health, or technology related positions. After participating in specialized training, Fellows are certified by OMSI as current science ambassadors and skilled communicators. Fellows join OMSI in helping public audiences engage with science in meaningful and relevant ways. Specific commitments include:

  • Participation in OMSI’s Science Communication Short Course, a series of four professional development workshops focused on building the skills to effectively communicate with and engage public audiences (workshops are 3-4 hours each, spaced over 3-4 months).
  • Collaboration with OMSI educators to develop a unique, hands-on activity and display representing  each Fellow’s work.
  • Participation in a minimum of three Meet a Scientist programs per year. Meet a Scientist is a public program held on the second Saturday of each month, exclusively featuring OMSI Fellows with their hands-on, table-top activities.

OMSI Fellowship Application Summer and Fall 2014

OMSI Science Communication Fellowship Flyer

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