The Physical Chemistry Symposium at the ACS NORM ’13 was successfully held in the Trysting Tree Room at CH2M Hill on July 22nd, 2013.┬áThe morning session of “Novel Spectroscopic Tools” featured an array of technological-advance-oriented talks from renowned spectroscopists such as Richard Mathies from UC Berkeley and Nien-Hui Ge from UC Irvine. Postdocs and senior graduate students from OSU Chemistry and other prestigious institutions in the Pacific Northwest and neighboring California, e.g., UO, UW, PSU, and Stanford/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have given presentations covering the broad electromagnetic spectrum from infrared, visible, ultraviolet, all the way to the X-ray regime. The afternoon session of “Novel Molecular Insights” featured a variety of presentations on using spectroscopic tools, aided by advanced computations, to reveal the fascinating molecular world. The recurring theme was functional materials with an inquiry-based mechanism-driven physical chemistry approach. Being the symposium organizer, I am glad that the three keynote speakers (Profs. Richard Mathies, Nien-Hui Ge, and Philip Reid of UW) as well as the other 12 speakers delivered stimulating talks to engage a large audience using the ACS NORM and OSU platform, to appreciate the beauty and impact of modern P-Chem education and research in the Pacific Northwest and far beyond.


The following picture was a snapshot of the Q&A session after one of the talks in the P-Chem symposium. Prof. Richard Mathies was asking a question. The audience was actively participating in the discussion.


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