June 11, 2012


Memo to:            Deans, Associate Deans and Department/Unit Heads


From:                   Pat Hawk



Subject:                REMINDER:  Proposal Submission Process will change on 07/01/2012



Over the past year, the Research Office has implemented both Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP.  Cayuse SP replaces the paper Proposal Transmittal Form, and will be used for all proposals.  Cayuse 424 is the Federal form set for both Grants.gov and Research.gov, and can also be used to prepare proposal budgets for proposals going to non-Federal sponsors.   There are two approaching deadlines of which you and your faculty should be aware concerning proposal submission at OSU.


  • Effective July 1, 2012, all proposals will be routed through Cayuse SP.  Faculty should no longer be submitting paper-based proposals or the OSU Proposal Transmittal Form.  Multiple training sessions have already been offered on the Cayuse products, and staff from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will continue to offer training sessions at least monthly.  An additional session for June has been scheduled for June 22, 2012, in MU 213, from 10:00am – 11:30am.   Faculty and staff can send an e-mail to sponsored.programs@oregonstate.edu to reserve a seat in this session.
  • Also effective July 1, 2012, OSP’s web drop capability for Grants.gov packages will be disabled.  These proposals (with the exception of the submissions for OSU’s Statewide Public Service funds) should be prepared through Cayuse 424 and routed through Cayuse SP.
  • Effective July 30, 2012, proposal routing in Cayuse 424 will be disabled, and all proposals will be routed using Cayuse SP.  Any faculty that have begun proposal preparation in Cayuse 424 can contact an OSP staff member for assistance with proposal routing.  As a reminder, the team of Aedra Reynolds, Dawn Wagner and Vickie Watkins support the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, the College of Forestry, and the units housed at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.  The team of Eric Anundson, Cindy Rasberry and Lin Reilly support all other units.


Thank you for sharing this information with faculty and staff in your areas.  Please contact Pat Hawk, Director of Sponsored Programs (541-737-6699 or patricia.hawk@oregonstate.edu), if you have any questions.


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