Matt StoltMatthew Stolt has been selected as an undergrad chem major of the quarter for Spring 2012.  Matt was born and raised in Oregon – growing up in the Beaverton area. He attended Jesuit High School.  He cites his big brother as a significant influence in his life including encouraging him to attend Jesuit High School as well as Oregon State University.  While he came to OSU initially to be a Chemistry Engineering major, one of his friends, Evan, got him interested in becoming a Chemistry major.  Matt has been conducting undergraduate research with Mas Subramanian since his sophomore year.  He initially worked closely with senior graduate student Geneva Laurita-Plankis; however, he is now working on an independent project within Professor Subramanian’s lab.   He specifically mentioned emeritus professor Glenn Evans as his favorite teacher. He described Dr. Evans has “unbelievably challenging,” but he did a wonderful job of making sure that the students really “know” the material.  Matt plans to continue his education after graduation – likely getting a PhD in materials / inorganic chemistry.  He would like to thank all the faculty and students he has worked with during his time here as well as his study group and friends for their support. We congratulate Matt on all his accomplishments to date and he is a wonderful part of the Chemistry program at OSU!


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