I would like to personally invite your department to the Sustainable Textiles Symposium, May 14, 2012 at the LaSells Stewart Center.

Of special interest to chemistry students and faculty, we have two presenters that will discuss issues in sustainability as it applies to the dyeing and finishing processes in textile production.

Becky Hurd, Senior Materials Researcher in Apparel Innovation, Nike, Inc.
Her current work involves driving Nike towards more sustainable textile production methods by implementing technologies that provide the opportunity to reduce water and energy use in the dyeing of textiles.  This work culminated with a recent announcement that Nike is partnering to scale waterless dyeing technology.  This partnership is the direct result of her eight-year sustainability research project to develop supercritical fluid CO2 dyeing technology for the textile industry. Ms. Hurd is speaking at 9:15am.

Also, Steve Richardson, Director of Materials at Patagonia will discuss the companies goal to receive Bluesign designation for all its dyestuffs and finishes. Bluesign is an independent auditor of raw materials in the textile industry. More extensive information can be found at www.patagonia.com/bluesign.
Mr. Richardson is speaking at 11 am.

If you feel the symposium’s presentations would benefit your department please pass along the announcement.

Thank you.

Angela Wartes
Student, Department of Design and Human Environment

Announcing the:

Sustainable Textiles Symposium

May 14, 2012
9am – 5:30 pm
LaSells Stewart Center, OSU

The Symposium will feature presentations from several industry leaders in sustainable textile development, recycling, labeling, new manufacturing processes, design and certification. Please visit http://oregonstate.edu/ssi/sustainable-textiles-symposium for schedule and more information. Free admission and open to all.

Presentation Highlights:

Steve Richardson, Director of Materials, Patagonia, Inc., will discuss the Common Threads Initiative, the Footprint Chronicles and Bluesign designation.

Becky Hurd, Senior Materials Researcher in Apparel Innovation, Nike, Inc., will talk about the innovations in waterless dyeing techniques.

Connie Karr, Oregon Tilth, will introduce the Global Organic Textile Standard and the certification process for textiles around the world from the crop to the sewing table. See website for full speakers list.

For questions please contact Angela Wartes, wartesa@onid.orst.edu or Brigitte Cluver,  Brigitte.Cluver@oregonstate.edu.

See you at the Symposium!

The Symposium is made possible by a 2012 grant from the Student Sustainability Initiative and with assistance from the Department of Human Environment.

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