IST 520 “Responsible Conduct of Research” will be taught again this. The prefix IST (Interdisciplinary Studies) may not be one that students run across when searching for courses, so we are asking that you bring it to the attention of students.


Course Name:                         Responsible Conduct of Research

Course Number:                      IST 520 CRN Number: 58859

Course Credits:                       1 credit Course

Grading:                                  P/N

Fall Term 2011 Schedule:        Tuesdays, 4:00 to 4:50 pm

Location:                                 StAg 310

Format:                                   Each meeting will be a combination of lecture and discussion

Class preparation:                   Approximately 2 hours of reading background material for the discussion and a writing assignment on a case study

The instructors are:                Courtney Campbell, Steve Durkee, Martin Fisk, Rich Holdren,

Lisa Leventhal, Craig Marcus, Barbara Taylor, Nicole Wolf and Lisa Ganio


The lecture topics are:

  • mentor/trainee responsibilities;
  • research ethics, ethical decision making;
  • research misconduct, plagiarism;
  • data management, collection, sharing, and ownership;
  • collaborative science;
  • animal welfare;
  • use of human subjects in research;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • peer review.


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